Starter Player Corp Suggestion

not sure this is the right box to send to but I suggest allowing players to move up in starter corporate hierarchy based on skill/time played or tax paid. The benefits of ranking up could be lower taxes/broker fee’s from corp sites, special ships/skins or discounts on certain ships etc.

This would allow new players to either stay in the starter corp for some sort of bonuses or move on to player controlled corps for even bigger bonuses/community involvement.


No, go away.

But you can do this.

The corp system lets you rank members.

You can even give them shares and pay dividends if you want.

Its really, REALLY boring to do.

As someone who has a character that never left the starter corp and enjoys the chat and mentoring others, I would have to say sorry, this idea will likely not be implemented. One of the devs’ expectations is that players should leave the nest and grow.

Staying in starter corps is allowed, which I hope the devs never change, but there should be no tangible rewards for staying, IMHO.

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Ramona McCandless, pleased to meet you

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