Daughter Corporations


Hello fellow capsuleers

So I have been thinking about this for some time and I believe that it could bring a lot to the game, for big and small corporations alike.

The idea is to be able to make sub/daughter corporations, within a corp. Complete with their own divisions and corporate hangars if the sub-corp has rented an office space, or even if the main corp has office space.

The idea is that the sub-corp is subjected to the taxes from the main corp, but is also able to set its own tax for the members. The sub-corp wouldn’t be able to set its own standings, but follow the main corp “blindly”.

This would also be very helpful for players who have a lot of alt characters within the same corp, as it would make internal logistics between the characters a lot easier.

For bigger corporations this would make it easier to setup a more complex internal structure, with a lot less effort, and less planning in third-party programs.

This would of course require some skills. I don’t think it’s necessary to demand high skill levels for sub-corp CEOs, because most sub-corps wouldn’t have a whole lot of members. Although it would make sense that the main-corp CEO would have to train some skills that give access to a certain amount of sub-corps.
I think that the maximum number of players in a corp is way adequate, so that needs no change in my opinion, but the max number of sub-corps allowed should be limited, but still a reasonable high amount so that the bigger corporations doesn’t get too restricted.

Maybe the amount of sub-corps a corporation can have could be divided into three skills:
Skill 1, could have a x1 training time multiplier and give +2 sub-corps per level.
Skill 2, could have a x3 training time multiplier and add 8 sub-corps per level.
And Skill 3, with a x5 multiplier could add 20 sub-corps per level.
Maybe a forth skill with x8, for the really big corps, let me know what you think.

I think that’s the main outline I wanted to throw out there, let me and CCP know what you think.

Fly safe

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In other words an alliance for free?

Sounds more like allowing subdivisions within a corp, without needing to make numerous backup corps to handle some tasks and responsibilities.

I think what he actually wants is alliance taxes(?)

I think what he actually wants is a shared hangar! If you are doing industry at scale, this is not optional and most of us end up creating an industrial ALT corp to get it.

I’ve seen a number of requests for characters on the same account to share a hangar - that’s the biggest problem since you can’t station trade and need to contract stuff to each other.

Personal ALT corps work but they don’t encourage cooperation or social interaction between industrial players!

I believe this is also called subsidiary. A corporation that is owned by another corporation, but is allowed to manage its own affairs independently.

In practice, Eve has sort of implemented this in the form of Divisions. 7 Wallets and 7 Hangers for which the CEO or authorized individuals can set access permissions. I do not know what the general sentiment is towards this is, but I have found it a bit cumbersome when someone wants to start some kind of corporate level project or side job and requires divisions or exclusive access to a wallet to keep track of the finances without having to manually cherry pick their transactions from the jounal.

I would welcome a system that allows me to more easily offload responsibility for independent projects, programs or business of a defined scope onto a trustworthy (or not) individual with the initiative to take it on, but which leaves them as a definite part of the corporation that has entrusted them with that task for the sake of unity and identity.

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