Fresh Start Casual Corp for IRL first players

I am a 40+ mil skill point player. I am running My own corporation just because I have not found a corporation that truly suits me. I have a busy schedule IRL and I would like to connect with other players who are in the same boat as me.

The Corporation will be running corp events mainly consisting of mining ops n Sunday afternoons. We may also do lvl 4 security mission running as a corp on Sunday afternoons depending who all is on and who wants to do what.

I do have a corp tax and that is to allow us to have at least one office and to eventually set up a corp run POS to allow for better refining and manufacturing. I research TII blueprints and will have those available for members.

Our Sunday mining ops will be split 50 50 with the corp. I will either run logistics or Orca support for these ops. These ops will allow the Corp to build up and gain some capital all while allowing all it’s members to make isk and enjoy the game without making the game first priority.

I have no issues training and teaching new members or learning new tricks from older members. All players are welcome. I only ask that all members treat each other with respect and help each other out when it’s needed.

As the corp grows I will be adding different divisions. There will be more on this as the corporation grows. For now we will be mostly focused on mining and manufacturing in High and Low sec space.

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