Looking for leaders FCs new or experienced

Newby Corporation is seekings more activity. We are a beginner based corp with few experienced players. As I am super busy with work in real life I am just running the factories, no time to really lead as FC, SO

If you are a fc type, and enjoy being social Newby Corporation needs you!

10m each day that you carry out at least 1 fleet.

20m if you have more than 1 year of experience, same condition.

You may fleet up for pvp, mining, pve, or anything else.

Newby Corporation is a 0 requirement corp. Mostly we just do not tolerate the undesirable type of personality.

The corp is a for fun corp.

Recruitment is down as I am the main recruiter for Newby Corporation so if you are wanting to lead large squads this is not for you at this time.

We operate by divisions, so there’s still that small corp feel while having access to a larger player base (or so is the future intention)

We avoid war declarations so beginners can have a safe space to learn and feel encouraged to stay in the game we love.

However, we do not regulate our members from playing the game the way it is meant to be played. Ganking, scamming, and piracy is all a part of EvE and there will be no punishment for such actions. After all it is just a video game.

Nullsec and wh roams are encouraged so players can get a sense of the game under guidance.

I intend to pick up again in the next 2 months. I’ll be online daily but also working irl. So I’ll be able to do small things to influence growth.

I don’t even really care if you’re good to be honest, just that you are fun to fly with.

This is for a permanent until otherwise stated position.

If you need to contact me I spend most of my time on Slimm1989 just answering questions and mail.

Thank you, kind regards.

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