New player looking for Newbi friendly corp

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Hello There

I am a new player looking to take the next step in New Eden.

I feel I am about as far as I’m going to get on my own, don’t get me wrong I know I can watch youtube and ask questions in chat when I’m not sure about something its what I’ve been doing, but its not quite the same when doing it on your own.

I’m looking for a corporation that I can learn from and contribute to I see myself as a quick learner with a chill attitude hoping to fly with like minded people. I am not looking for a corp that will expect the world from me or have me on some military training camp, I know after a few more months of playing I will be an asset to what ever corp I call home but until then like all other new player’s ill need a little help getting kicked over this learning curve.

I am self sufficient (make my own isk) and don’t think its the end of the world when I lose my ship, I know I’m going to lose a few more keep that in mind if you thinking of recruiting me hehe not to many though…I hope :pray:

Most of my skills are in gunnery with small/medium projectile and scanning/hacking (probs hard core newb skills) main ships ATM are Hurricane/Stratios and Svipul with main goals on PVP and scanning hoping to get into some sort of logistics or support role.

If you feel like you know of a place for me or have any questions please message me here or in game.

Tanks for taking the time to read this and I hope I get to be your next new pilot :grinning:

(Ruune en Gravonere) #2

If you want to join a training Corp where you won’t get lost in the crowd have a look at what we can offer N7 training Corp

(Aldeskwatso) #3

How have you not yet joined us… stunned here.

Nah but ya, you are right. Playing alone is very different from with some people. Our corp provides its members comradery and content in a manner that allows you to find a balance between your own things and the general advancement of the corp. You basically deside your own level of involvement while we expect our members to understand that being part of a corp means contributing to some teamwork every once in a while as well.

(Mr Glaser) #4

Hello @Boss_Arogan ,

Come check us out WHSOC as we are a training WH Alliance. We are always looking for people of ALL skill levels (both in and out of the game we love) to teach the ways of not only WH space, but the basics of EVE mechanics.

In Game Chat Channel: The Doppler Effect Pub Crawl
Public Discord Channel: DOPLR

Hope to see ya in space,
A :mage: of EVE content creation

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