Newby Corporation: Not a place for all. A place for opportunity and fun

Newby Corporation is a place to have fun learning, and gain experience. You will meet other people, and hopefully I will do a good job of screening out the toxic ones. We are about opportunities. No one’s here to hold your hand. We encourage you to have fun. You cannot place an isk/h value on that.

Newby Corporation is a returning corp, it is currently quite dead and being revived. We are not Newby Corp.

EvE is not a safe place even with friendly fire illegal and war dec off.

Returning corp looking for experienced or talented players capable of helping us modernize and improve our infrastructure.


  • To enjoy the game and have fun
  • To meet others and fleet up
  • PVP fleets
  • PVE fleets
  • Indy
  • Ship spinning while joking around
  • Marketing
  • Sharing memes of our crackhead neighbors

Currently Seeking:

  • Those interested in specializing in fleet builds, and testing them out in combat.

  • Those who have fun recruiting.

  • Experienced players who enjoy mentoring newbros.

  • Friendly and talkative Characters

  • Admins with Discord management experience

  • Vets who want to improve or build a rewards and promotion system

  • Anyone who wants to be a positive addition to our team with a good character.


  • 0 trust. No high value assets are ever trusted to members. We do not encourage high value ships be flown with strangers.

  • Real life comes first. If you have to drop fleet and comms to attend family or whatever nothing will be held against you.

  • We are open to divisions with different rules, and will enforce them.

  • Discord voice comms available, but not required, unless you’re joining to learn. We’re not teaching you through EvE chat.

  • Open Door policy: Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. Any moment in space is a risk. Especially in open door corps. There’s a screening process. Once you’re approved you can corp hop all you want, alt up, whatever.

  • Awoxxers and scammers will be met, they’re a part of eve. Avoiding them isn’t the goal as it teaches nothing. We’re not looking to create sheltered pilots. We will encourage you to take risks, and learn from them. We will encourage and support you to be ambitious and smart. If we know someone’s an awoxxer or scammer we will let everyone else know so you can observe them in their natural habitat, while poking them with sticks.

  • CYA: This corp may be better suited for alts where your money makers are better protected in a corp with much higher safety protocols. Newbros, don’t worry, we will help you advance your careers, and teach you how to CYA. If you lose your shiny that’s your fault. Don’t fly ships you’re not ready to lose. SRP (ship replacement program) only covers NEWBROS we’ve deemed worth investing into their training. Once you break the cruiser thresh hold you’re on your own.

  • Vets are not expected to mentor. We will give you guides, and may help you, but if you’re not a self-help kind of person you’ll find yourself put to the side. Most people who are not willing to help themselves end up quitting anyway and we’re not about to encourage people to invest their valuable time into people who aren’t willing to invest in themselves.

  • This is NOT a school. This is NOT a training program and we are not Goodwill regardless of our newbro friendly status. The goal is to get people to have fun in the game, and that could be large fleets of lul moments or ship spinning. If we’re not having fun, we’re not having a successful fleet. If all you care about is getting rich, this isn’t the place for you.

  • if you just want a low tax corp to fly in and be left alone, you’re welcomed. We will leave you alone and put your isk to good use. Thanks for contributing. Join in whenever you feel like.

  • Fully researched BPOs will be given out as BPCs. Everything valuable is protected.

  • Drama will be handled. Joking and clowning welcome but lay off if you start to notice someone’s not having a good time with your jokes. Bullying isn’t allowed, we do not care what your SP is.

  • Income generated by bounty tax is invested in the market to make more money for the corp which funds our GASP (Give a Ship Program).

  • GASP is a pvp ship replacement program where you’ll be given pvp ships and expected to lose them. We do not replace your ships by default. We do not expect GASP ships back.

Need people who understand delegation and happy to take on responsibilities right now, as well seek others willing to help.

We are not set up currently, and it’ll be kind of quiet for a while. Once we have the infrastructure up and running again we will be offering GASP for pvp events and ore buy back programs. GASP is funded by investment funds, and pilots using them are expected to do a little bit of work for them. Just delivering the material for their new ship. that’s all. NO we will not buy shiny ships for you. the best you can hope for is a t1 pvp ship.

Please do not fly your shiny ships with strangers in this corp. You are not expected to mentor, just have fun. If someone rubs you the wrong way you’re not obligated to help them. Special note to the vets… all vets of EvE. Most players who play this game quit within I believe it’s a week. Don’t get into the habit of letting people leech from you. If they want to learn from you make them earn it to show they’re somewhat invested in the game. Leeches will burn you out fast.

What ‘we’ put into the corp is what we will get out of it.

If you’re interested feel free to join our pub. I don’t remember what it is, so good luck finding it.

you can view it in my corp profile, it’s there. If it’s too much effort to look for it, then we’re too busy to invest time in you. consider this your first test.

just type my name, highlight it, right click it and link character.

Character over skill points and Omega status. We don’t need super cap pilots. We want super characters.

The idea is more players will stay for the game if the community is less toxic, while also weeding out the people who expect to be spoon fed.

Some Additional Info about Newby Corporation

Everything from the environment, to the music, and the people you surround yourself with make all the difference in this game and if you’re new to this game, your main goal should be joining a group who make it enjoyable. No matter what the size or skill of a corp, you will not have fun without fun to be had. You can have more fun ship spinning your pod with a fun team, than you can in a super carrier with a toxic corp.

Do not expect the corp to make you rich. We will NOT make you rich. We will give you opportunities and resources to learn. If you want to leverage your connections here to make isk, be our guest, as long as your agenda doesn’t affect members negatively.

IF you want to mission with others, go for it.

If you want to rally the troops and take over a wh, go ahead! sounds like fun!

Want to start up a program, for whatever beneficial reason? we welcome it.

Want to ship spin, and joke around with peers? This is the place for you.

Want to sit in chat and degrade everyone and brag about how much better you are? You’ll be seeing that eviction notice quicker than you can blink.

We welcome you for any reason where the goal is positive, and the effects are beneficial.

Newby Corporation serves as an introductory corp for another corp. If we like you, you’ll be invited to join another corp, where we will do higher level things but joining this corp should NOT be for that goal. the screening process is not worth it.

We are currently not in an alliance. We may never be in an alliance, depending on certain factors. However we may be open to unofficial alliances. Especially if it gives the members opportunities, especially in pvp.

Possible opportunities in the future:

  • Ore buy back program(s) (Privatized)

  • Mercenaries for hire

  • Expanding into new regions like Null, Low, or WH

  • PVP Capital Ships in the GASP or… lend a ship program?

  • Contracts/Employment

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