Allow us to suppress MOTD changes

When updating my corp’s chat MOTD, I often have to save it multiple times to tweak it - this results in a lot of unnecessary spam in the corp chat.

It’d be great if we had an option to suppress this message for less-important changes to MOTDs.

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I think this is possible unnecessary.

If you need to edit the MOTD multiple times then edit in the notepad (I do this and I also keep different versions of MOTD text there to stop me having to recreate it) until you’re happy, then copy and paste it into the Channel Settings Window.

As an aside, since this is about MOTDs Can people post theirs here please? Looking for inspiration!


My concern with this approval is that, excluding things like spelling and grammatical/structural edits (in which case you can, as Mu’ad suggested, draft it out on a separate notepad first before posting), what might be considered a minor edit to you might be considered an important detail to others if the information itself is changed rather than how it is conveyed. If this feature is introduced, you are preventing others from being notified of what THEY might consider to be important changes as they are being made.

For what it’s worth, it’s exactly for the reasons of grammar and/or structural edits that I tend to use the notepad - I’m disabled (dyslexia, dyspraxia and disculculia) and it normally takes me several attempts to get a piece of text right - doing it this way is a pretty straightforward way to make life easy.

Additionally, a benefit of creating your MOTD text in the notepad is that you can save several different versions and then just copy and paste one of these in as and when you need it.


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