Update to Chat on Singularity

Hi there!

We have just pushed out an update to the new chat that is running on Singularity. As a part of this update, we have also migrated channels from Tranquility over to Singularity, so you should now have your channels as per usual – including all settings like permissions and MOTD. The only intended change in regards of settings is that all player owned chat channels are now in immediate mode.

Feel free to have a look and please shoot us a bug-report if you see anything that is not as expected, best directly through the client (F12 – Report Bug).

CCP Maxwell.

Immediate mode? Are you saying that delayed mode is going away, even as an option?

Immediate mode used to have a 50 member limit, delayed mode was presented as a “work around,” but also became a way to set channels into a sort of lurk mode, where spies could hang out totally forgotten, after they’d moved to a new corp or alliance, but the channel operator forgot to remove them.

TL;DR, delayed mode brought about an odd form of emergent game play :wink:

MOTD limitations: please increase / double the character limit more than 4000 characters. I use MOTD as a quick reference guide, many links :slight_smile:

I can bug report the below if it sounds interesting, but they are old bugs.

If you copy from a notepad source text whos first character is a link, (such as a character name link) and paste into an MOTD, the entire text just pasted is assigned a red color. The MOTD editor shows pasted text in default white / light gray, but the displayed MOTD is red.

The displayed MOTD will stay red, even if the contents are cleared. (Delete all text, and click OK. Type some new text in MOTD and click OK. Resulting MOTD still red.)

Must assign text a different color, even though it looks default white, in the editor :wink:

The color picker top row has 4 choices, white to black. #2 starting from the left (light gray) is a close match, but not the same shade of white as the default text color. Desired result: #2 (light gray) should match default text color. My OCD requires this.

EBR-146276 , 146277 - didn’t see expected channels in my list of Player Channels.


  • Delayed mode is going away for player created channels - at least this is the current plan. We are no longer as concerned about the performance impact and so far it looks like there are no significant problems with gameplay. But yes, it is clear that it changes some emergent gameplay a bit. This said: Other channels like alliance channels, incursion channels, and similar will be kept in some kind of delayed mode.
  • MOTD: I cannot promise anything there.
  • Please send a bug report about this issue with pasting into MOTD.
  • Color picker: The default color is a pretty weird case - we tried to change it at some point, but it had some side effects.
  • Please note that only those channels are automatically populated after the migration, where you are listed in the allowed or operator list. The list of open channel (without specific roles) is only saved in the client settings - so unfortunately we could not include them in this migration.

EBR-146293 for MOTD editing, color copy/paste bug.

Could a client-side one-time patcher be created, that would do some kind of mapping old-to-new, to fix this? So many old channel memberships, its like closing a “memory lane” to future traffic. Players should be warned in advance to take a screenshot of channel names, if it’s important to them.

Color picker: The default color is a pretty weird case - we tried to change it at some point, but it had some side effects.

Could the color picker’s ‘light gray’ color, be changed to match the default color? I’m also thinking about color coding and how filling up an MOTD with different colors as you type along, can push a writer over the character limit. (When I apply ‘light gray’ to some selected text, that’s not a way of ‘resetting to default.’)

Its not always clear because I think the character count is based on visible characters, not also counting color and formatting code length as we type. Am I making a feature request? Smarter character limit detection everywhere our typing is counted: mail, corp bulletins, MOTD’s.

Also, because increasing the maximum MOTD length is still a remote possibility, I want to poke again. New service, maximum chat length is going up 4x :slight_smile: Isn’t text a low database cost, considering it is compressible?
Other copy/paste observations: I can copy from a corp or alliance bulletin and paste that in a note or mail or chat channel MOTD, all formatting and links preserved. But when copying from a mail message or note, the formatting is discarded, and pasted in plain text.

I think some optimization and coding savings could be made, if all of these vehicles for player written content - notes, mail, MOTD’s, bulletins - were unified somehow. (Another case of “easy to say, a whole lot of complicated - to do.”)

with this new technology, will formating change like can we now insert symbols and like wingdings and such ?

It seems chat server has some kind of problem with channels with special chars on their names. If I try to join a channel with a ‘ñ’ (‘Español’, for instance) this is the game response:

[19:17:08] EVE System > Connection to chat server lost
[19:17:15] EVE System > Reconnected to chat server

Could you please send a bug report about this, best directly from the client after experiencing this bug, and please include the exact name, which is causing the problem. Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this myself with the word ‘Español’.

Well, it turns out that now I can join the channel without errors, so I can’t reproduce it. I don’t know if you have pushed any update since friday.

Thanks for checking! There was an update deployed on Saturday, but I am not sure if anything for this problem was included in the update.

@CCP_Habakuk Watching TQ patch feedback posts and now I feel sorry for you.

There is no chat on the test server, anybody knows about it?

Thanks for a fast response. Yeah we figured the workaround for the login :smiley:

From now on only the Owner can add people to the OP list? What about the public communities like Incursion groups who rely on dynamic chat channels to organize logistics for example. You mean to tell me we have to create a new chat, setup the motd and add people to the op list every time a new fc comes? OPs should be able to add people to the OP list as well

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this was the worst part of the patch and it really bugs me it was done w/o any sort of warning

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