Singularity login server + chat down


Just posting to confirm that we are aware that the login server for Singularity is down and as a consequence other services like the chat server are also not available (if you manage to login while bypassing the launcher).
Our sys admins took a look, but it seems likely, that this will need to be fixed after Easter. :cry:

Thank you for the heads up!

It is better to know, it is not from our side, so we stop flooding you with bug-reports of the same nature.

Happy Easter!

any update on this, or is it still a wait until after easter type of thing?

The normal login in the EVE Launcher (for Sisi) where you can add or start an account is now back. And the chat channels on Sisi are also back.

However, there is still some bugs on joining some channels though. I have ‘Local’, ‘Alliance’ and ‘Corp’ as the only channels working now.

Just letting you guys know :smile:.

You can join the server again, however local is really strange.
i start out with 20 people online, then it rises untill it hits 1111 and then crashes.

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After a reboot in the afternoon it seems like chat on Singularity is stable again. If you see any further weirdness: Please report it (either here or through a bug report), so that we can investigate. All other services are also back as far as I know.


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