Allowing to copy a contract even if items are not stacked in corresponding qty

As of now, we can copy contract from a little function on the contract page (well hidden, few people know about it, but it’s there!).
Let say you need to copy a contract with 10 different items, each in stack of 5 (50 items in total). You can use the copy contract only if there are 10 stacks of 5 items available in your hangar. Even if you have a million of each items … you still need to split them in stacks of 5.
Now imagine you have 10 contracts: it makes a lot of stacks to create. Imagine if you have stack of 3875!
If the copy contract thingy would only look at how many items are in your inventory (whatever their stacking status) it would save a LOT of clicks!

I suggest to add a little QOL item to the next patch note, where only the number of items you own would be the limit to contract copying.

What do you think?


I hate those contracts, I usually only want 1 of the items!

Bloody blew my mind when i found it. I had been making contracts for corpies over and over and over

And +1 to the idea.

So… auto-splitting stacks. Are there any other instances of the game doing that? I don’t imagine it should be too hard to implement.

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