Almost Anonymous Laid back UKtz PvP/ PvE LS living with HS/LS/NS Alliance bases

A (Omega only) RL comes first laid back corp looking for PvP/PvE pilots who like the freedom to enjoy their own PvE content with added bonus of alliance/Coalition warfare and small-gang pvp.

We’re a proud member of the Alliance Hardly Competent Our main goals are to provide support and assist the alliance in protecting and building our empire within New Eden.

The acceptance into the alliance is a proud new journey for Almost Anonymous and we are looking to rebuild and recruit pilots who take pride in being part of helping a corporation/alliance grow stronger.

LS Based PvP/PvE. (few jumps from Amarr for easy trade)
SOV NS no pets/renting.
Alliance/Coalition PvP.
Covert-ops Wormhole PvP/PVE.
HS/LS & NS systems for Ratting, Mining, Indy, Exploration.
HS systems for those not wanting to live in LS/NS but still want access to PvP.

Mainly UK/EU time zone open to any TZ.

Join “Almost Anonymous pub” for info.

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