Almost Tech II - Be a Better You!

Short and sweet is the name of the game with this post.

What I want is pilots covering all TZ’s

We recently acquired 3 moons that have goo and I need 0.0 miners BAD!

I want Cap pilots specifically dread pilots WE ARE IN LEGACY so sheild is preferred…I know I know, im an armor guy too so is most of eve.

The leadership here has been in eve for 8 years right around. We are very goal oriented and are always working towards something. So if you like structure but still be flexible this is the place for you!

What you can expect from us.

Fleets and support; its a good community here in Requiem Eternal. Lots of stuff to shoot while fairly ‘safe’ space. As safe as 0.0 can be.

Future plans for a capital program, If we can expand the mining division here we have plans to subsidize or outright put you in a cap. Its not implemented yet but vision is the first step in making reality.

Training: There is a combined cumulative 16 years of experience in eve from leadership alone. If you are a new pilot that is 100% ok we can help train and mold you into whatever killer/tycoon you want to be.

Contact me in game or Join ‘Almost Recruited’ today.

EDIT: No minimum SP requirement but Voice interview for any alphas or chars less then 45 days in game.


We are sill looking for more pilots

We will take COMMITTED new players

Still Accepting Pilots Join ‘Almost Recruited’ or send me a mail today!

You should join and become a better you.

We are sill looking for more pilots

We will take COMMITTED new players

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