[ALOSG] Pineapple Pizza - Nullsec pvp corp, SOV and industry!

Pineapple Pizza is a sub-corporation of the nullsec alliance Parasitic Legion (PLdot), an alliance of loosely affiliated persons joining together to create killmails and take sov in the Curse/Scalding Pass regions.

Serving as an arm of PLdot, ALOSG is focussed on PvP and achieving the alliances goals of solidifying our hold in the region. We seek to employ ‘all-rounders’ who are experienced in PI, industry and the necessary PvP activity of a normal nullsec alliance.

Key offerings are:

*Highly active space located between multiple large coalition members with lots of roams by them and us.
*Upgraded sov space for ratting and mining purposes
*FREE ships to active members who contribute to the goals of the group
*Leadership roles within the alliance for the right people
*An opportunity to get in early on an alliance of skilled and experienced players

You must be pro-active, willing to do multiple roles and fearless. We respect players who throw ships in the fire for the chance of a kill more than gate campers and hot droppers.

This is not an alliance for everyone but recruitment is brisk for anyone with a spine and the will to dominate.

Contact either myself or Juzuv Jebot ingame or via evemail for your interview!

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