Curious to Try Null? Join Us!

Have you ever been curious about Null Sec but are unsure about the commitments you might have to make to join an active group? Pinnacle Solutions is recruiting PVE, PVP, and Indy pilots to join our IRL first, no alarm clock ops/mandatory fleet count Corp!

PINSO is an active PVE/PVP focused corporation with roots in industry. We reside primarily in Null with our alliance and blues who frequently have multiple joinable fleets daily.

Opportunities for both large and small PVP fleets, ratting, exploration, mining, and more are here waiting for you!

SRP plus ore, ice, salvage, and PI buy back programs coupled with great content and an IRL first mentality makes for a great group to fly with!

Join our alliance discord channel ( and ask for Codeen Jaynara, or Kesh Udan, or our in-game public chat channel, “PINSO Corp” for more information.

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Great corp! Come chat with us in our public chat or Discord some time! :smiley:

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Check this kill out!

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Still recruiting! Lots of different content opportunities available!

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