Null Sec PVP Corp

Who Are We?

We are a Billowing Dumpster Fire of a corporation. We are learning the sov game, and would love for you to learn with us! We are a bunch of laid back people who want to join up for some null sec industry with a solid emphasis on fleeting up with our Alliance for gang PvP.

What do we do for you?
–No mandatory ops, but you won’t last long if you aren’t interested in joining for the action.
–Access to research and industry in various alliance built citadels
–Experienced members who can help get you into the null-sec game.
–Ratting opportunities if you want to shoot ■■■■.

What do we want from you!?
–We are looking for active members. This does not have to be a second job, but we want to see you around. It’s a community as much as it’s a corp/alliance.
–Willingness to hop into doctrine ships and adjust training plan as necessary. You’ll have a lot more fun when you are prepared to roll.
–Willingness to learn and explore your options.

Reach out and get to know more. We would love to chat!
You can also join us in our recruitment channel: DU-MP Recruiting.

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