Alpha account looking for a corp, best near Amar VIII (Oris) [WH gas miner now]

Hello! I am new (1,5 month), from Poland (if important), mainly I am mining gas in wormholes (I am very bad in pvp, but I didn’t learn too much about this). So I am quite good in running away :smiley:
I am playing Saturdays 6-10am, and sometimes other days.
I am open to learn any new thing (pvp, fw), I just wan to have team to make sth together. Mining gas too ofc :smiley: I cannot kill alone two Sleepless Sentinels.
It can be hard for me to use microphone other days than Saturday or Wednesday.

Amar Oris location is not the most important I thing, but I always find some interesting wormholes around and it is close to market.

We Life in Nullsec near amarr
if you interested you are welcome with us

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