Alpha changes (enforced HS green safety)

Thank you @Most_Moliko for all your hard work advertising my group, we appreciate it.

Just adding on what most moliko has been saying, We don’t just destroy peoples structures, we do offer protection and take contracts. We just destroyed all his stuff because he is a nasty little person.


EvE has consequences.

Gunna be a nasty little person, be prepared to loose your stuff!


What did he do to make him a nasty person and which group are you, sorry i did try and look back at this thread but its a bit long

Just reading though some of these post and started to think about Alpha’s again

One good use would be war dec combat alts, but could you make a useful pvp alt with 5mil skill points.
Maybe you would have to train to a strict plan, to aim for one ship , like a Moe or other combat Cruiser.

What fleet setup would you go for

Think i would go for moa and cormorant as fleet ships, some ew might be possible for a few fleet members too


Im CEO of The SRS, Now obviously we are war decking group, so yes we declare war on lots of groups, from null blocks, to small people minding there own business.

99% Of the time its nothing personal ( I know our enemies don’t see it that way ) but if people are nice and respectful we will treat them the same way.

BUT the person mentioned above, Decided to try abuse the mechanics to force end the war, when that failed he became abusive. he started talking to his own characters in local and trying to make out that we where racists, and that this was our sole reason for attacking him.

In the end he made alliance’s and corporation’s with names that insulted our alliances name, for example he made a alliance named The SRS are sociopathic a**holes but these where quickly removed by CCP.


This explains everything.

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Thank you for taking the time to explain the situation all is clear now.

I’m sure a group such as yours faces this all the time although saying its not personal is not necessarily true, on the other hand your victims are provided with all the tools they need to retaliate but never seem to try or try for long and as this guy has done fight back in an underhanded way.

Only thing he achieved really is to bring a bit of attention to his plight so other group may learn what to expect and what The SRS do.

Solo pretty much useless, won’t be able to win against anyone who fights back and is not new player. But in fleet, alphas can do something, be it ewar or just be another “F1 monkey” there you don’t care about tanking, and the dps is not that different between alpha and omega on smaller ships - cruiser and lower.

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Don’t worry, the person mentioned above once came into the forums declaring all PvPers as molesters IRL, then doubled down when the forum natives told that person it was completely unacceptable, then tripled down when challenged again. You won’t be able to find those posts for obvious reasons but clearly the guy was still allowed to post on the forums after that incident. Much to everyone’s disappointment.

The native forum goers thank you for your in game service.


Yes i was thinking of large fleets

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haha yep that sounds a lot like him.

We have heard of lots of stories about him, and how he speaks to people.


Respect that you solved it with antimatter.

Always a good thing.


Well i made a new alt with a new account, I’m not going to give him any help from Githany.

I did 3 or 4 missions to buy the cruiser skill and took a special offer form ccp for the Destroyer pack i picked up my 1mill skill points from someone’s link.

Did my skill plan to get to a moa doing destroyer on the way
So now on 1,700,000 skill points with other skill point offers from log in.

Once the destroyer pack runs out of game time i’ll go back to Alpha, i also got 100 plex which i can sell to fund any more skill i need

The next job will be to find a group to join, if anyone wants to make an alt and join me please do and contact

@Obi Wan Nairobi

And lets try and Bash or defend some structures and see if alpha’s can be useful.

Not sure why the name never linked sorry, oh and please don’t send any help in the form of isk or injectors, want to do this as a newish player type thing.


1st time ever here, be nice to me :hugs:

Small change to my plan going for a ferox , I’m 11 day way from flying her

You can get a Ferox to 166km ammo range. I’ve updated a lot of my ship fittings lately…less overall DPS but more range and better turret tracking. In addition to a Ferox you might also consider a Thorax fitted with 250mm Railgun II. 500 DPS with Javelin…19km range…and a respectable 320 DPS with Spike, at 62km range. The same on a Gnosis gives 400 DPS with 80km range using Spike.

everyone includes your enemies basing out of that structure , as well as pirates and roamers hunting your pve’ers . this pre-dates cores , and structures . see: ISS

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Yes exactly

Was thinking using the Moa as a blaster fit for any close up work

The boa is a sexy beast.

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BOO !!!