Alpha changes (enforced HS green safety)

There is already a topic to discuss about the tethering and docking in pods changes.

What about the consequences of the green safety enforcement for alpha players in highsec?

CCP wants to decrease “rookie griefing” and to increase the amount of “legitimate” targets.

Tethering and docking changes completly fail to adress this isue as discussed in the tethering topic.

These are the real consequences regarding the Alpha changes:

  • “Legitimate” targets in highsec are going to decrease since CCP is pulling out rookie gankers and low level gunnery ganking toons (the alphas).

  • Currently an alpha ganker can not even destroy a covetor. Do not see how this measure can avoid rookie griefing.

  • People multiboxing fleets of alpha gankers are a legend. Since it never existed, the “problem” is going to remain (omega multiboxers).

  • Miners can no longer use an alpha to pull concord to their own belt.

  • The big change is on the long term. Alpha gankers are mainly comprised by curious alts who want to give ganking a try. If they like it they can remain alpha and join multiplayer fleets OR they can pay for omega, get a scout and become standard gankers, which is very common.

If CCP removes alpha gankers, the “generational replacement” is going to suffer… which means again a decrease in “legitimate” targets in High Sec.

Then again… how is this measure going to decrease “rookie griefing” and increase “legitimate” targets in Highsec?


I have the unfounded belief that very determined anti-ganking people (regardless whether they voiced their opinions here on the forums) were the ones spinning up disposable Alpha accounts with the sole purpose to gank Ventures in High Sec that are outside of Rookie Zones. So that they could false-flag the problem into existence.

What else are you going to do when cycling mining lasers and/or watching drones ferry materials.


Maybe “rookie griefing” means rookies griefing other people with their red safety, I was one of those I must confess

Facts, there are no multiboxing alphas… except for that one time there was a bug in the launcher…

CCP is promoting ethnic cleansing in EVE, they don’t want people experiencing the thing unless the person pays for it, so in the future there will be less gankers

Also… $60 was worth 4 months of trained skills, now it’s worth 3 months of trained skills, so we got ripped off in the skill generation department since CCP didnt increase the amount of attribute points for compensating the sub raise

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Plus tether was great for attacking the big whales, freighters, jump freighters, stupid marauder fits, etc

Because they wanted to hurt the gankers then low sec pirates will suffer too, everybody will need bowheads, freighters, t2 haulers for bringing stuff to 1j from low sec

This is actually a huge nerf to AG and hauling.

What’s funny is peeps didn’t even know, although I told them how, that using this trick they could literally haul in almost complete safety. Now it’s harder LOL.

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That’s exactly what Githany Red did.


Gotta love the consistency of conspiracy-theories peddling nuts on this forum.


I actually think I will start griefing rookies. I never considered that to be worhtwhile nor fun nor morale thing to do and I always tried to avoid killing players under 30 days because they won’t have any worthwhile loot nor implants to destroy. (note that I killed few of them, but that was due to the very little time we have to gank or because AGs or facpo caught me so I was forced to get at least some value out of my ship before npcs kills it.)

But now? I think I start to target them specifically just to show everyone that these changes are nonsense and even contra-productive.


Don’t bother. It will just make you feel like :poop: after. Funny thing is when I bragged yrs ago about being a Griefer, I usually didn’t kill my target. I popped a few frigs, but more took alpha shots at passer-bys just to test the fit while on my way to a battle. Made him dock up or otherwise repair.

This is another one of my fav conspiracy theories. I still think at least some griefers do it on purpose for that very reason.

CCP loves to shoot themselves in the foot for $.

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Pandering to the minority usually doesn’t work out in the end. It won’t take long to find out…

This is not a good thing to read that someone would do such.

EVE is a slow motion game in that respect. I want to see the game in 2 yrs.

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If Aiko is still having fun then the game has a chance. Once even she gets tired of jumping through all these hoops just to play the game :-1:


This is literally it.

What carebears call “griefing” is actually called " shooting spaceships in a game about shooting spaceships".

God forbid we have fun.


Side note: there was a lot more for-profit ganking and a lot less “griefing” when for-profit ganking was FUN.

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The increase in legitimate targets is referring to the Abyssal site changes, forcing Abyssal runners out of Jita and other trade areas where you can’t deploy structures in space.


Hmmm, shouldn’t you be happy about this?


To be completely fair, it’s only a matter of time before these targets figure out the few things they have to do to be 100% safe. I’m going to be shooting them until they do but it’s so easy, at some point they’re going to figure it out.

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Not this again, you got him to act as a scout, yes he was a new player and he left the starter sys, he made the decision to help you so he was killed. The pilots at the time where not alphas who took part in the kill.

We will be affected by the changes to, our alt corps made up of about 70% alphas will not now operate in HS, lucky most of their action so far had been low sec so that’s not to bad, the corp can still have a purpose. Also if we find a worthy target people can upgrade their account for a weekend.

We will also lose some of our E-war burst alts, which will be a shame. Of course, we could always join a war then everyone can fight

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‘Curious alts’ should discover LS, NS and WH space instead.