Alpha clone and exploration

I a always probing from center using that button. Fast and efficient. :ok_hand:

Yes, there is more. There is cloaked Stratios waiting for you right by that fat Sansha relic site which you just scanned o7
People mentioned nice tips here which will help you to be more efficient.
Another chapter intertwined with exploration is survailability. Basically there are 4 approaches to that. One is fit for alignment and ninja hacking (Astero with sub 2 alignment is king here). Second is Warp core stabilizers to get out. Third is combat/explorer fit. Fourth is s••t fit, which just dies.
What is the best one? Hard to say. It just depends on circumstances and your preferences. Very safe approach is the first one.
What good is to hack 4 relic sites worth let’s say 100mil if you explode with it? Not much. Good example for this is T1 frig Heron. You can’t fit it for fast alignment. You can’t warp core stab it enough (because it has just 2 low slots). But you can pimp it with utility mid slots for more scanning strength, which will make you faster… on your way to graveyard. Heron is superb for scanning, but is a poor choice for evasion.
Ships are usually suited for certain roles which perform better than other roles. Choose role you like and pick your ship accordingly.
Ahh pick Astero. It is cheap, just 2-3 relic sites worth. And it is way better than other options available for alpha… but the cloak is just too much controversional for some people. Just don’t go into null with it…

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Guys I wanna thank you all for helping me
And yes I make a huge success today with 0 cans explode and bring back about 10mil isk
I can hack 3 hard cans 2with the first attempt and one with 2nd attempt
Still I could make more income if I do relics site but I only found data site
But still thank you all for your help and I’m now getting a hang on hacking XD

Hey pris!

I would not completely dismiss the Astero for alpha pilots. Even without covops cloak the ship is very agile and tanky, plus it has good bonuses for exploration and drones.

I would agree with you more for younger explorers. Those that do not yet have experience will probably end up with lots of destroyed Asterii and lost funds. Better learn how to keep a Probe alive long enough while exploring before switching to Astero.

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