Omg the red core is hard

The biggest reward
The hardest minesweeper
I’ve blew up billions of isk because I fail hack those cans
They’re so hard
All of those suppressor and recovery node are everywhere and litterly impossible for me to hack it. Even using rule of 6, numbers and still can’t stand 2-3 strike
Unless I get one that really easy but the reward are so much lower~
How can I get through this part of the game?
I’m an alpha anyway


Go omega and get access to better ships, skills, and modules. Otherwise, be happy with what you can hack with an alpha…

  • Be sure you use a ship dedicated to hacking / relict analizing that has virus strength and other hacking bonuses like the heron (aviable for alpha’s)

  • Max your hacking skills as much as the alpha clone skillset allows.

  • If you detect a node (a filled out bubble that indicates that something is there, but you don’t know what it is), first click on the next tile in the direction you want to go on. If the node you just passed is a blocker, you can just ignore it and continue without weaken your virus. And yes, the suppressor and recovery nodes are extremly annoying.

  • Have some luck :wink:

It’s surely not easy for an alpha clone to hack the “red” ones, but it’s possible.


Yes it is possible cuz I can hack some red that somehow ridiculously easy
I’ve maxed out all of the skill and I got rigs
Ships, implant for the jobs
But it’s just seem too hard for me unless I got really lucky

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And that is one of the tricks how CCP is making people buy Omega.

Cant really progress past certain point in the game when you are Alpha. In your case its succesfully opening most hard cans. You can open some, but not most. I can open everthing, maybe with a fail or two, but I get the loot.

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Don’t do what QuakeGod just suggested. With T2 analyzers and T2 exploration ships the entire hacking game becomes boring and stale. You can just rush through the grid without any regard for traps. With a T1 analyzer the hacking process remains challenging and entertaining.

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So, gimp yourself to keep the game entertaining? That’s like saying don’t accept that multi-million dollar lottery winnings and quit your job. You’ll just be able to buy whatever you want. With the minimum wage job the game of life remains challenging and entertaining…

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The feeling when I screaming out loud for my first 60mil can lol I woke the whole neighborhood
But the pain when looking those 1bill cans just slowly vaporize



Yes, gimp yourself to feel entertained. What’s the point of doing something the boring way when you can get more entertainment out of it if you use the harder way? Besides, at least on Omega a T1 analyzer still allows you to ignore a lot of punishment the grid throws at you. The real thrill comes when you have to start thinking about which route to take next and where to click next when the grid is filled with defensive traps and you still have not found the core.

This is like accepting the million dollar lottery win and still keep working, but you now work because you want to, not because you must.

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That’s called masochism. If I have the chance to blitz an L4 in a Barghest, or take 8 hours to do it in a Cormorant, I’m going with the Barghest…

If you want to bore yourself, that’s your choice. I’d rather do the mission in an Abaddon that requires skill and tactics and takes some time, than to blitz it in an overpowered ship.

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I hacked a Sansha Relic site in a C3 Wormhole earlier today. I am an Alpha/Omega Clone and was able to hack the first two sites. After that it was almost impossible.

With Red Sites you have to plan very carefully, even as an Omega pilot, a Red Site is for the top level hackers. Rules of Six is the best way to go.

I always look for the Island Nodes to travel the circuit through. Just take you time.


Can you explain me the island node please

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Then why hacking,pve,pvp,… while we could just mining

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People are free to explore what is more satisfying for them, to challenge themselves.

Have you ever breezed thru some rts mission that was so trivial that you didnt even?

On the other hand, dont you think that some challenge is what makes you feel satisfaction from what you have done?


But still i wanna learn and i still want to touch those 1bil can just for once
Ive been blowing up so many and its broke my heart


1bil cans? Well, I did never ever came close to seeing that amount in a hacking can. What is so expensive that can be inside?


I get the frustration, but why become “the king of the world” or “win the game” without wanting to pay the company who is allowing you to spend some quality time with their game?

People always have logic and reasons for why something should be free, just not for why they should also reward those who make it all possible.

Isn’t this just a little bit lame?

Just hop in a Catalyst and hang out at any gate in Uedama or Niarja. There are multi-billion ISK cans floating around everywhere…

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That things and EVE? I dont think so. Its just more ISK flowing into account so you can buy shinies you always wanted. Its like a supermarket, but of a space explorer, pirate, industrialist whatever kind.

“I buy therefore I am”, in a big red letters, there was it, in the leaked CCP memo when Incarna came out with 70$ monocles. Gordon Gecko on the cover. :joy: