Tips for hacking harder data/relic sites?

As an alpha clone, I have always found hacking data and relic sites very frustrating. I trained every single skill as high as possible, and still I can only manage a virus coherence of 70 and a virus strength of 25.

Since I can’t use the Tech 2 analysers(as an alpha), I find it nearly impossible to hack the harder sites (with a red system core), since the defensive systems simply have a much higher coherence.

Does anyone have any tips at hacking that might allow me to hack harder sites? Are there more modules or skills that can boost my virus coherence or strength?

Also, note that I’m a relatively poor alpha clone meaning I fly a t1 exploration frigate.

Go to Youtube and look up videos on “The Rule of 6” and “If it’s 8, it’s bait”.
(the former helps more than the latter, but both are are good to know)

However, nothing really beats having hacking skills at level 5 so you can use T2 analyzers.

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Since I’m an alpha clone, I can only train archaeology and hacking to level 3, so I can’t use the tech 2 analysers, sad

ingest drugs and implants to boost stats

There’s only 1 implant for 1 slot (9 or 10 I think, too lazy to check) that helps a little with data or relic sites, expensive too.

And synths don’t last.

But the skills to use the T2 fits is forever.

Why do you think Alpha players (aka extended game test mode) should be able to do what paying customers can do? Upgrade to Omega if you want the full expierience.


I went for years hacking in low/null/WH without hacking/archeology V, sure they are quite convenient but with practice you only sometimes need a 2nd attempt at a can and rarely lose one, and these skills take a month to train and I had better things to train at the time.

  • pay attention to the numbers:
    • a 5 means there’s nothing interesting within 4 clicks, this eliminates large portions of the “map”
    • if you get the same number (< 5) on two consecutive clicks, you are moving in the wrong direction and need to make a right angle turn
  • rule of 6
  • kill healing nodes ASAP, damage mitigation nodes are also high priority, but you can usually afford to wait a bit until you get a bonus to help take it down
  • don’t waste bonuses on offensive nodes that are not blocking anything vital

For reference, a T2 fitted Anathema has a virus strength of about 40 and a coherence above 100. But, yes, not available to Alpha clones. Alpha is more an open ended taster of Eve rather than the full thing.
It’s watered wine.

However, the T1 explorers are good ships - they have a big advantage: they are cheap, losing it doesn’t hurt as much.

So, firstly, I assume you’ve read the Eve University guide - the tips and tricks there are useful, and I’ll not repeat them.

A few additional observations:
You damage a defensive node when you click it. It only attacks you if it survives that. So, if you have a two click shield don’t waste it on clicking something with coherence less than your strength.
Generally don’t attack everything, if you start getting closed off look for utilities to help you break through. You don’t have to clear everything, just crack the core.
Kill reinforcement nodes as a priority.
Use the secondary vector thing on suppressors - click it once and continue exploring while it does its work. Don’t hammer on it yourself, the utility will kill it without your help.
Get used to the feel of how things are spread around the grid: the core is often next to one or two defensive nodes, more often on the edge of a grid, the “rule of six” is valid. It’s not just a random scattering of nodes, there’s a flavour/taste to it.
The data caches (white blobs that becomes either a defensive node or a utility) have an even chance of good or bad. Don’t just grab them until you’ve cleared around them.

Other practical things:
If you can fit a cargo scanner the. You can see what a node contains before you sweat blood hacking for carbon.
Keep an eye on d-scan and the overview - especially in wormhole space. Run if something feels wrong. You only benefit if you get your loot to market.
“I’ve had a lucky run, just one more” is the one you’ll get killed running. Know when getting the loot out is a good step.
Don’t be tempted by an Astero unless you can fit a covert cloak. You’re Alpha, you can’t, you’ll get killed 'cos it’s a nice target.

Yes, the hard hacks can still defeat a T2 fitted covert-ops ship.

The greatest skill is perseverance.

Buying plex with ISK is more worth it or actually buying omega with money?

Buying with cash is always more efficient, unless you have a lot of spare ISK lingering around with no better use.

Sounds like the start of an advert for Omega…
There’s many other fields in the game that are restricted, because it’s a trial account.

But to be honest, all players (also Omega!) feel the same at the beginning. Repeat trying, watch some youtube footage, also talk to Vets, and after some time even an alpha clone can finish many hard containers in a Heron or Imicus.


I did a lot of great lowsec hacking in just a T1 Probe or Imicus before I got the skills for T2 ships and fits.

okay got it, thx. I wonder if its possible to wait until some sort of plex discount and buy lots of it.

also OP disappeared?

Throughout the year usually with certain events they have Plex specials.

Yeah. That Rule of 6 is cool, once you grok it.

Perfect. I’ll borrow that, thank you.

This. But for everything in life.

Absolutely don’t buy plex at retail. Wait. Christmas season is usually a good time.

Considering CCP just raised the price of Plex (outside the game) I’m not holding hope for any great specials.

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