Hacking. Both Relic & Data sites

Can we have some skills for post lvl5 pliz. I had 3 red hacks explode this am, and it feels wasteful.

Some suggestions for when you get to Lvl5:

  • Firewall/ Ancient Firewall penetration: +2 dam per spec lvl when whacking firewalls.

  • Anti-virus Evasion/ Ancient Anti-virus Evasion: You take a bit less damage from Antivirus Nodes when engaging them. Maybe -2 per level.

  • Virus Fitness: Extra cohesion generally. +1 per level?

  • Virus potency: Extra attack strength generally. +1 per level?

Make them harder to get, sure, but I think we need them :slight_smile:

It’s the Cyberpunk in the game in many a way, as you sneak in & hack your foe. We could still do with it being fleshed out :slight_smile:

The would have to make the sites even harder to compensate for the skills to make them easier.


There are bonused ships, Rigs and Implants for hacking, and Zeugma Integrated Analyzer. Use them all if you have hard times hacking.

I very very very very rarely miss a can, with V in hacking and exploration frigates.
Even in the superior sleeper cache with unbonused T3C I miss one when I am too lazy to gake my time.

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This is not a game mechanic flaw then.

What was that supposed to mean ?
I just explained that with experience, it’s very rare to find a can I can’t open, unless I am tired/lazy and accept to lose the can (eg the superior cache’s cans in the turret room, once I destroyed the turrets, can’t explode so I go fast because it’s faster than to take my time).

I fully entrust your knowledge of hacking sites to know that the OP isn’t really fixing a flaw in the game mechanics but just making another sink to throw things into in order to keep doing what you already do.

To me it looks more like OP is written on the assumption he should be able to open any can with any ship 100% while watching TV, and thus wants more skills to achieve this.

To this I answer that it requires effort and experience to be able to open most cans, thus the progression is also personnal as well as in SP.

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I’ve probably been doing close to 1000 hacks since the start of the event and think it’s good enough as it is. It doesn’t need more complexity and it’s diverse enough to get caught up in it, but also to run through it fast. It’s both possible and it never feels boring.

I’d say it’s fairly well done for a simple mini-game and it’s difficulty doesn’t need changing.

Yet it needs to be able to handle the few ms lags … those make the minigame atrocious.
They come from my ISP, I have up to 10% packet loss some time of the day (at the same hour).
When this happens, some clicks are not registered, or not rendered, so when I make the next click (thinking I clicked bad) it actually double click the pin I clicked, eg it makes me attack a virus I didn’t want to attack.

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