Alpha Clone Bulk Manufacturing in Heimatar

Hey guys,

I’ve been offering a lot of different manufacturing services in-game. Would like to create this thread to provide a single link of information for people I talk with in-game and for extra reach.


  • Bulk manufacturing (at least 24 hours of work time) for 10-25% discount on market prices in Rens.
  • Any Alpha manufacturable blueprint
  • I reserve the right to deny production if market prices are better (in which case you will be notified and pointed to the market)
  • You need to send an eve mail to my character “Zoran Spirkovski” to make an inquiry and a price check for specific products that you are interested in buying.
  • Prices will change according to Rens mineral market prices.

Long version:

My character is focused on Industry as a long-term ISK operation, with a focus on providing the cheapest products in high quantity. In general, traders will benefit the most from my services because they can get access to cheaper products, increasing their profit margins.

I have 3 alts that are also used for industry, and am willing to create more if the demand increases.

Not all products will be cheaper than market prices, some products are already trading at below breakeven prices, but there is nothing I can do in that case except point you to the marketplace.

However, for other products, I can offer anywhere between 10-25% discount on current market prices in Rens. I don’t look at global prices, since I will not haul the products elsewhere. I also base my prices from material costs in Rens, which will open opportunities for you to buy and sell minerals directly to me if it makes sense. I will also purchase any ores, as long as we reach an agreement before-hand.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here or in-game.


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