WTS Cap Parts - Ignoitton - TTT Sotiyo

Cap parts for sale, located in Ignoitton - Tranquillity Rebel Capital Plant

Selling for third party who is in no rush (so no firesale offers please). Post your offers here or message me in game.
Thanks Elaine

Could you post or EVE mail what the seller wants? Between Mineral prices and Jita split its hard to pinpoint. Could base it off of “If I built it myself prices” but im not sure if thats a lowball or not :slight_smile:

Thanks for the interest. Evepraisal above would put a split at circa 46bn.

Reprocessing would put a split price at circa 47bn, pretty close to split component:

So not much difference between those. I’m not sure where build it myself would put you?

I’ve not been given a fixed price other wise I would have posted (I appreciate that makes everyone’s life easier). Will try to push them on a buyout price but hopefully the above gives an indication.

ill go jita split on the reprocess value.

Many thanks for offer, Contract up

Unfortunately contract not accepted after 3 days, so back available for sale.

re-put it up sorry, wasn’t paying attention

Apologies I’ve taken a couple of days to get it set it back up, but contract should be available to you.

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