Alpha Friendly in Molden Heath?

Not sure how well this will go but hey I’m Eric, I live in Teonusude and I was curious if there was any alpha friendly corporations based near here willing to take me in? I’ve always considered myself to be an exploration character and in the past I’ve enjoyed Frigate PVP. Would love to find that again and share in the Eve experience with a local club. I’m interested in mixing it up between running sites, maybe some booster production (taking advantage of the local unique gas sites) and PVP the profits away :pirate_flag:

Probably a longshot but thanks for reading. o7

USTZ based.

If you would consider upgrading in the future to omega and over 5 million skill points then keep us in mind.
We are based in the uk, but are expanding into US TZ.

Join our in game channel brittas empire public and our discord even just to ask questions :blush:

Fly safe o7

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