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I’m looking for an active home and some direction on training, fitting, etc. I’m EST, and would love to fly with people in my TZ. Current corp seems to be pretty much all EU. I would like to try industry out and learn how to build as well as explore.

I’d like somewhere with a laid back atmosphere, that doesn’t require me to log in EVERY day.

Please EVE mail me!

If you don’t mind unsolicited advice from someone that used to be a corp recruiter, try and “sell yourself” by giving recruiters more to work with.

What sort of activities are you looking for?

What do you expect your focus to be (PvE, PvP, industry, etc)?

Do you care what the corp atmosphere is (serious, casual, family friendly, etc)?

Hope you don’t mind. Good luck in your hunt!

Thanks! I updated my post.

Not a problem. Thought of this after my initial response: this is a really good post for finding a corp.

How to find the corp that is right for you (by Nightcrawler 85)

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eve mail sent

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