Alpha Industries - Recruiting

Welcome to Alpha Industries, (High Sec/WH/PvE) Time US/EU/UK

We are a corporation that is designed to provide help to newer players across New Eden. Our goal is to help, teach others, grow and experiencing what the game has to offer. If you are interested in building a community from the ground up, let us know and fill out an application in-game!

What we offer,
HQ - Amarr/WH space
Orca/Mining boosts
Mining Buy Back Program
Access to Blueprints
Ship Replacement Program
Near Amarr trade hub
Relocation reimbursement
Not War Eligible
Discord Server

What we look for in our members:
Active members that are able to use Discord.
Friendly and good attitude
Willingness to learn

Special roles we are looking for,
Recruitment Officer

Public channel = “Alpha Industries Public”

Message “Benedict Monti”, “Moveover” or “Sinrah” in game if you are interested or have any questions.



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