Alpha/omegas looking for pvp look no further👀🔪


(cj Okaski) #1

Minds of Murders is now recruiting pilots for pvp in nullsec!
We accept alpha and omega clones NEWBROS ARE WELCOME HERE :slight_smile:
Mainly near scalding pass but we fight everything that moves and would like you to join our cause!

What we can offer you as a member!
Daily fleets
:fuelpump:Mining ops
:fireworks:Explo buyback at 97% jita price!
:volcano:Mining buyback (same price)
:convenience_store:Srp in fleets and sometimes we hand out the ships
:vertical_traffic_light:Small and sometimes large scale pvp fights!
:sunglasses:We have cap pilots aswell!!
:metal:t2:Helping you grow in eve
:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:Lots of isk especially if you are a fast looter

What we will require!
:see_no_evil:Discord is a must!!!
:hear_no_evil:Active at least once a week is a must!
:eagle:Join as many fleets as you want/can
:water_buffalo:Be ready to kill sh1t that moves that isnt blue :eyes::eyes::eyes:
:hocho::crossed_swords:Unleash your inner murder and join us

Message cj Okaski in eve or join our public discord