Minds of Murderers looking for pilots like you!

I see you looking at us
What we want-
-mostly small gang

-c5 ratting, PI, and PVP!

-competitive players that do just about every aspect of the game and have fun!

-Active and fun. People are generally in comms between EU and USTZ

What you will need:


-a sense of humor and the ability to have fun.

We are a rl first group and understand things happen. RL will always come over a game. We all just want to play and have fun in eve. No mandatory fleets (this isnt nullsec) no more being alone running your hisec missions. We just ask that you have fun and have a sense of humor. We will banter and have fun as long as you do too!

Join here OnlyHoles

Still recruiting like minded pilots!

Still recruiting


Join us today for some fun!