Looking for Small-Medium Wh corp

Veteran Player, 250 mill+ sp looking for a small to medium pvp centric wormhole corp. Not interested in alliances or oversized corps.

Welcome to Minds of Murderers! We run a alliance called Onlyholes. We are based in high class wh space! (c5-5) We love everything from ratting, PI to PVP. We will undock for anything! PVP is the main focus for most of our pilots and some like gas huffing and industry! We always have something to do no matter what walk of eve you want to do! We are Real Life first. If this sounds like you Come talk to us today!

  • real life first HAVE FUN IN EVE!

  • Based in wormhole spae C5-5

  • Active leaders

  • c5 krabbing

  • fleets and smaller gang pvp (along with some potential bigger fights)

  • Close community as most of our guys have known eachother a long time!

What we want!

Train into doctrines

Dont cause drama

submit auth background check here SeAT | Sign In

talk in comms and have fun!

We consider anyone from anywhere in eve!

Join discord here and open a ticket for a chat! OnlyHoles

I am the CEO of Eclipse Strike Unit and we are looking for pilots to join our C2 C5/NS static corp. We are looking to recruit new and experienced wormholers for PvP in both NS and Wormhole Space. If you’re interested in Talking please join our in-game Channel Eclipse Recuits or join the Discord for a chat on this link Eclipse Strike Unit !*