Mind of Murderers - C4 WH Corp

Welcome to Minds of Murderers Recruitment - A well established Worm Hole corp. Our recruitment policy is varied and we are accepting pilots of a vaired skill level, as long as you are willing to train into our doctrine.

Part of an active WH Alliance, Shut Up I am Trying, we are always on the lookout for corps that can bring something to the table and fit with our mindset to join the alliance, if you are interested and have an active corp, reach out to one of the following individuals ingame:

CJ Okaski
Nilam Solette

We are an active mixed corp looking for new and old pilots!

WH experience is desirable, but not necessary, we have experience pilots to teach you everything you need to know. With mixed opportunities to Mine, PVP and make isk in WH Space, come join the fun with like minded pilots

So what can we offer to you?

  • Excellent Ratting in C3/C5 Static WH (In excess of 200mil per hour)
  • Corp ore, salvage buyback (90% Jita buy-price at the HQ for WH gas, Salvage and Ore)
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • SRP For Home defence fleets
  • Industry Opportunities
  • Daily access to High-Sec
  • US/EU TZ
  • A friendly social environment for new and old Pilots

What do we require of you?

  • Willing to skill into our doctrine ships
  • Be Active
  • Don’t be an ass to others, we aim to have fun and are relaxed. Enjoy eve the way it should be.
  • Teamspeak/Discord (Mic not required)

So, are we the right fit for you? are you ready to join an active WH alliance with the everything in place to help you excel and enjoy Eve. Then head on over to one of our communication platforms:

Ingame chat: Murders Pub
Discord: Minds of Murders Pub

Or reach out to any of the recruiters mentioned below:

CJ Okaski
Nilam Solette



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