***ALPHAS*** EU Alpha specialized PVP corp- Join Alpha Rogues

Wanna get into PVP for real and become a REAL PVPer in a metter of weeks with NO ISK cost?

We promote players positive experience, interaction and above all good fun ;o)

*Focused on Alpha help
*Free start up isk
*Free PVP ships
*0% TAX.
*2005 Veteran PVP’er FCs.
*PVP training ops.
*PVP roams
*Mature and laid back
*ALL Alpha Alts welcome

**Beware of the lesser in skill 'cause in their hands lay the weapon of will.

Hi there!

I think your corporation is of interest to me. I’ve posted an ad for myself a while ago:


If I’m of interest to you too I’d love to know.


Big BUUMP and thumbs up, thx for all the help guys guys, you’re seriously awesome.

Yes, BUMP to you guys, thanks for helping me sooo much, hope the bump helps you abit it return.

aaaand… bump we go… keep up the good job.

Thx m8 ;o)

Thanks for the convo earlier, bump for a great bunch o/

you’re welcome ;o)

Bumpingz my own nutz ztraight backz to the topz ;o)

Bumping for top :slight_smile:

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