Have you gone ROGUE?

Wellcome to Alpha Rogues, A corp created by Veteran PVPers focused on Alts and Alpha training for PVP.

No metter how much experience u have on PVP, you are welcome and it will cost u 0 isk. Are u brand new, or veteran or simply tired of your main and wanna alt PVP, here we are ;o)

The corp is 100% PVP, u can ofcourse do all the missions or PVE you want but as a corp we will focus on PVP only.

We neither play the role of GOOD or BAD guys ingame, we are just PVPers, but as people, we are GOOD guys ;o)

The corp has no financial issues so offering help and ships to its members to pew,pew is not a problem.

We are Here to enjoy the game and turn all new members to PRO PVPers in a metter of weeks and go terrorize other PVPers.

Mail me ingame and lets have a chat ;o)

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