Alphas Mining Rakovene - Avenue for Great Wealth

There is a lot of wealth potential to be made in mining Rakovene from the Sealed Major Conduits given that the ore has considerable amounts of rare minerals that would not be accessible to Alpha or Omega High Sec miners.

From the Rakovene that I mined I reprocessed 24 units of Morphite, that little red gem we all love, Megacyte and Zydrine along with the typical High Sec minerals.

The good thing about mining Rakovene is that you do not have to have special skills to mine it because of the Morphite nor the does rock produce any dangerous clouds.

The question is how will Rakovene increase the wealth of Alphas as well as shifting production back to High Sec, just slightly, where the cost of producing items requiring Morphite will cost less because of the access to the mineral by freelancing High Sec miners?

Will the markets and prices of items requiring Morphite suddenly shift into chaos seeing as how the Null Sec Morphite miner is basically no longer needed?

No, it won’t.

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wt is Rakovene

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