Rakovene mining and reproces


i got some Rakovene questions:

when i use scordite crystals t2, for some reason i only get half yield. (check printscreen) T1 lasers do fine.

Also reprocessing the ore, it gives me in all stations ( athanor/tatara t2 perimeter or npc station) 72% reproces.

Is that correct?

hope to find some answers and solutins, and more info about it. All feedback is welcome.

erikerhttps://prnt.sc/tkad98 1cycle t2 lasers with t2 scordite crystals

last time I checked Rakovene was not variant of scordite, therefore, not subject to bonused yield from scordite crystals.

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Nope, scordite crystals don’t work, better off with T1 strips. For reproc there is no specific ore skill so your rate depends on your level for Reprocessing & Reprocessing Efficiency only.

thank you

You will get a better yield for your time using a barge or exhumer with T2 Ice harvesters.

Or an Orca, with a trained pilot for drone mining, like heavily trained.

You will get 75.6% reprocess with most of the skills trained at 5 + the 4% reprocessing implant at NPC stations with a 50% base yield. Also make sure you have a 6.67 standing or higher with that corp so you dont use any ISK to reprocess…

Or you can just send me a mail in game, depending on location I might be willing to buy the ore.