Rakovene mining and reproces


i got some Rakovene questions:

when i use scordite crystals t2, for some reason i only get half yield. (check printscreen) T1 lasers do fine.

Also reprocessing the ore, it gives me in all stations ( athanor/tatara t2 perimeter or npc station) 72% reproces.

Is that correct?

hope to find some answers and solutins, and more info about it. All feedback is welcome.

erikerhttps://prnt.sc/tkad98 1cycle t2 lasers with t2 scordite crystals

last time I checked Rakovene was not variant of scordite, therefore, not subject to bonused yield from scordite crystals.


Nope, scordite crystals don’t work, better off with T1 strips. For reproc there is no specific ore skill so your rate depends on your level for Reprocessing & Reprocessing Efficiency only.

thank you

You will get a better yield for your time using a barge or exhumer with T2 Ice harvesters.

Or an Orca, with a trained pilot for drone mining, like heavily trained.

You will get 75.6% reprocess with most of the skills trained at 5 + the 4% reprocessing implant at NPC stations with a 50% base yield. Also make sure you have a 6.67 standing or higher with that corp so you dont use any ISK to reprocess…

Or you can just send me a mail in game, depending on location I might be willing to buy the ore.

Ice harvesters?

I’m new to mining and went straight to rakovene. I’m building up a small pile, but I’m confused as to whether it’s better to sell the ore directly in Jita or reprocess.

It’s always better to sell the ore for new players. You don’t have the reprocessing skills to make money off of processing instead.

Ironically Rakovene is unique its “technically” an Ice item
It can be both mined via ore miners/harvesters and drones. But the most efficient way to get the most out of the asteroids is using the Ice Miners/Harvesters and Drones.

This will make the asteroids go a long way and much more efficient collection.

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This is one of the reason a new player should seek out a corp to join. It takes forever to get skills to refine properly let alone the uber perfect refine capability-involves expensive implants.

The key is picking a good corp as people can and will lure you in with false promises and steal your stuff.

Any decent corp will offer to buy ore from you at a reasonable rate. The schemes for doing so vary.

At time you can get good isk by selling the ore or compressed ore. Other times it nets more isk to sell refined mins from ore IF you can refine at a certain level.

Some less common ores are rarely sold on the open market so there is little to no info to base prices on.

The just announced changes in ore distribution AND mineral content will change this as well.

Never is a bad thing to have some ore/min stashed someplace as a stockpile for building/trade/rainy day fund. You always want to have a cushion of assets you can liquidate if you suffer a major loss esp when a new player.

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Has anyone calculated whether its is better to reprocess stockpiled rakovene before Oct 13, or will it keep its value (just not its mineral composition) afterwards?

@Max_Deveron thanks for heads-up on ice harvetsers. I’m new to rakovene and that tip works very well.

I did not know you could mine rakovene with ice harvesters…

Me neither. I was mining with T1 strips and simply wondered if anyone had finally put to bed whether crystals work or not. Found this thread.

My unscientific observation is I was getting 25 point something, m3/s per T1 strip when boosted. On swapping to harvesters, I got 29 point something.

This was using an already built ice ship, not just swapping the high slots. So, it had harvesters, ice rig and low slot boosters. This means I can’t say if or which of those additional mods had impact. Nor can I say if my also having Ice Harvesting V had any impact. All I know is that ice harvesting “harvesters” do work.

On the point of skills, just to clarify what @Yberta_Molk and @Max_Deveron said, as I was a tad confused. When it comes to reprocessing, the only specific skills that count are Reprocessing and Reprocessing Efficiency ie +15%, +10% when each at level V. However, you then get an average for all of your other specific processing skills, combined. So, rather than those HS people saying that all their kernite and omber skills etc are now wasted, they do in fact count towards a potential additional 10% for rakovene. Just as each level V adds 10% for that specific ore. Added with the highest implant that appears cost effective, the 4% one, is what gives the apparent max reprocessing yield of 75.6%.

So, using 75.6%, I was wondering if someone had calculated the current market value for processed rakovene vs it new composition after Oct 13? Don’t care what market is used, or buy/ sell value. Simply, what is the expected relative change in contained value, under realistic market conditions?

If we base it on pre announcement minerals prices then talassonite would overtake rakovene as the best ore to mine.

I suspect when the market has calmed down it will be as above. Talassonite will be the ore to mine. Also due to the fact it’s an unlimited supply.

Rakovene sites are alot harder to respawn. Talassonite is easy with a single battle ship.

Rakovene will still be good to mine as a source of isogen

Me neither, not often I learn something new in these threads. Will have to check this out …

Thanks for heads up on talassonite vs rakovene value. However, the situation has changed regarding their availability. At least in HS.

I do not have the skills to clear a rakovene combat site which is why I have not been mining it. So, I only discovered this week by chance, and from another thread on this forum, that you no longer have to spawn sites to access these ores.

If you have positive standing with Edencom, you can simply warp into permanent sites in both the Edencom minor victory and fortress systems and just mine the ore. I have been doing this on rakovene for the last few days and it looks like these sites (usually three for rakovene per fortress system) simply respawn with fresh ore each DT.

I believe the same situation occurs for players with positive Trig standings if they go to final lim systems.

EDIT: you can still spawn sites and clear by combat eg emerging conduits, but you don’t have to do this in order to access the ore

I have an alt in an Edencom system (minor victory I believe) where the Rakovene hasn’t spawned in a few days now. It’s all tallasonite, which is no good to me because I need the nocxium!

At the risk of the blind leading the blind here, I believe this to be universal and therefore deliberate?

All I know for sure is I was happily mining my first ever rakovene ore in a minor victory system. Then DT arrived and that is all she wrote. Rakovene has only been spawning in Fortress systems since then, so far as I know.

(Talassonite does have nocxium, and will double in yield after the change. But I just presume you meant one of the other useful minerals.)

yeah, I meant morphite.

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This new state is what we will have for the foreseeable future.
Mine all the talassonite you can because after the change to ore it will be worth more than rakovene