WTB morphite. Selling my arm or leg, but not both.

What’s going on with morphite market – manipulated up 50% in a week?

My best guess would be CSM insider trading based on leaked upcoming nullsec changes.

Yeah, not the only suspicious move on the market. But not enough of a price hike to dust of my Prospect. Last time I did a bit of mining was when Morphite was at 100k.

Brave+Fire was evicted from the north last month, and their miners were one significant supplier of morphites. The new occupants are not mining as much as them and cause supply to go down.

That sounds like a very big amount of morphite to be mining. Going to have to hunt through the MER for at least some hope of guesstimate, I suppose.

Also, ■■■■ these forums, it’s impossible to see when someone has replied to you.