I am not getting the price I sell stuff for. Where is my ISK

I was selling morphite in Amaar and instead of getting 1.5 billion isk i got about 15 thousand ??? Tried a couple more things same deal .where is my ISK :slight_smile:

what are you using to determine that what you were selling was indeed worth 1.5b, plus Morhite in Amarr is current just over 30k PPU, how are you getting 15k

This reminds me when one of my friends accidently put up plex (500) on the market for millions NOT billions.

Take your time and read those 0’s people!

CCP can’t help. Your stuff is sold and gone OP. Perhaps read the sell/buy orders better.

This reminds me when I bought a structure rig for 60M instead of 60B. Reprocessed it, sold the mats, made 30B benefit in 2min. I think it was a thukker XL rig.

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