Alpha's should not have access to heavy drones

Alpha accounts are being abused by botters to earn large amounts of isk using cheap VNI heavy drone fits. Remove heavy drones from alphas and it should really hit their profits.

Surely your average new player doesn’t even have heavy drones trained? Not much of a problem to take heavy drones away from alphas.

Or just leave it like it is and the botters/isk sellers will continue to abuse alpha accounts in VNI’s for easy profits. Everyone can see them doing it. It’s all over reddit.


Got an even better idea. Remove alphas entirely.


I like your idea.

Another idea is if they want free software, those of use who produce software want a free Safeway, Free Taxes, Free Housing, Free Healthcare, Free Free Free

This seems like a short sighted band aid fix. What’s next? We’re gonna demand that Alphas lose access to Medium drones because they can use Gilas to rat with next? Not to mention the many Auto-targetting missile bots that exist, such as the Auto-Targetting Cruise missile Barghests that Red Alliance used back in late 2017 while they lived in Period Basis.


Alpha accts are being abused by everyone from gankers to SP farmers and a dozen other things in between.

Just get rid of the things.


As long as you have alphas, you will have situations like this. If you nerf access to heavy drones, something else will come around. They did take steps to prevent them doing it safely by removing access to Level 4 missions, so what’s needed is more people hunting them in Null.

If you get rid of Alphas in general Eve’s population will likely plummet to an unhealthy level.


If so, it’s on CCP and their lack of vision.

Trying to band-aid a subscription game with a F2P mode is a road map to failure.

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An MMO surviving 16 years is pretty damning evidence that they are doing at least something right on their road map. Typically free accounts in games don’t have the issues Eve has because you have to actively skill up the character and it can’t do content over X level. Eve being time based and sandbox makes this type of account very difficult to control. They clearly had the good intentions of wanting to keep players around that no longer wanted/could pay for a subscription. However, without banking level identity verification it was bound to be exploited.


Good to see community toxicity levels are still right at the levels they were before I left 5 to 6 years ago.


i don’t know. playing as omega i can tell from experience is like if you would play football, but you can not touch the ball unless you pay. this EVE thing is advertised as free to play in the same sense. its not free to play.

currently as an alpha clone you are :
-> mining yield is so low even with the best fit that its not worth it
-> purchasing minerals make no sense, as you can not refine them efficiently to gain anything from it
->purchasing minerals is allso no go, you would need to haul them from nullsec witch is just suicide
-> can not take an industrial carrier as you have no access to resources at reasonable prices, and mining/refining on your own is allso not a worthy path
-> pvp is mainly out of question, you do not have access to proper gear and ships AND skills
-> pve is allso not a good option, when your ship gets low on hit points an omega character will warp in to take that verry important last shot.
-> exploring is okay, till a point where you are naturally limited by lack of skill, equipment, ships you have access to.

that is not free to play. that is free to enter the football field, but you gotta pay if you want to touch the ball.
allso even if you upgrade to omega, you can never be on level with anyone who is ahead of you by years in skill training.

taking away one more thing from alpha accounts is not a bright idea. the player base is allready mostly old guys multi accounting or multi boxing , and some new account who allso do at least multi boxing to have any reasonable chanse of getting enough isk to get omega. EVE allready has problems keeping new accounts. and i can verify its a real issue.

now, if a veteran player rants now about how to progress the game, from the experience they have, the first thing they should know is that they are the least qualified to do that. they allready have a lot of skill point advantage, and they started way far off in time.
surely they think ganking is not an issue specialy in 1.0 sec, but i can testify new players get ganked in ANY security. no issue with it, expect the old omega account can make the price of a venture in a hour, the starting omega account can not. the losses are not on the same level.

the game would need a new server where players start off on level ground.
if eve wants to be more than a nother false advertiser of free to play, than only skins and cosmetic stuff would be for money. then its free to play.

frankly , i told to friends i gona check out eve online, when they ask how do i like it, i tell them the truth. its not free to play, and not worth to play. even if you afford omega from start, better to not undock for at least 6 months, and just keep skilling up in 1 direction, and 1 direction only for a specific fit for 1 single purpose. you got no other choice, otherwise its just wasted money and time.

instead of taking away even heavy drones, all limitations to accessing ships needs to be removed. plain simple.


If you take the VNI’s use of heavy drones away, the bots would probably default to Gilas, a much more expensive ship to replace. I’m for eliminating the use of both Pirate and Navy versions of ships by alpha, but let them keep the heavy drones. No botting VNI,RS, and Gilas would at least start to make a dent in the nonsense currently going on.

Course, if CCP wanted to go the extra distance and hire a large team to support CCP Peligro in aggressively and more effectively removing, then more options should be offered for alphas playing by the rules.


This has got to be a troll. I cannot believe a player genuinely believes this unironically.

  1. This is prevent exploitation of armies of free miners for bots as mining requires little active playing.
  2. I think you mean purchasing ore, most people don’t as the margin for refining is so slim only max skills will get you a profit. Max skills being for paying players is kinda obvious.
  3. Why would you need to haul them from nullsec. Minerals can be found plentiful in High Sec.
  4. Capitals again is high end content, makes sense to have it for playing players.
  5. PvP you can do VERY plentifully as an Alpha. You can fly a huge array of ships and modules, but it’s limited at certain points to prevent abuse.
  6. Huh?
  7. Exploring again you can do up to a certain point where they expect you to pay.

It is very possible to have plenty of fun in Eve as a free player, but you need to know the expectation that if you want to go past a certain point you are expected to contribute in keeping the game funded.


There should be no alpha/omega bull$hit.

1 month limited trial then pay your subscription!


If you’re thinking that one guy equals everyone then you’re a much worse problem.


Doesn’t look legit to me either. Not really just a troll, though.
Way too much effort and thought in the post for someone just trolling.

Oh I have the Ultimate Alpha Solution.

Alphas should BE drone pilots! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Alphas should be able to use a fully equipped vexor and therefore should get heavy drones.


A mining BS gets 50% more mining yield than a Venture, and only loses 25-33% to a procurer with decent or maxed stats. Depending on type you get some 4 to7k Cargo.

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I have an even better idea, OP.

How about you learn to math, learn to read economic charts, and take a look at the EVE monthly reports.

This is similar to the “Oh noes, Alpha bads are level 4 missioning all the ISKs! How will we compete?”

Alpha introduction made zero difference to the economic charts (regarding mission pay and LP stores). Removing Alpha Level 4 access made zero difference to the charts. Alpha level 4 was a non-issue invented by CCP to pretend they were addressing the botting problem, and as a sop to all the morons who think “remove Alphas!” will somehow fix the game. Like all the things that were wrong with the game before Alphas were even implemented are now somehow Alpha-caused problems.

An Alpha botting with Alpha skills is hardly scratching what an Omega bot gets. The only way to make a difference with them would be to have hordes of them botting. Which isn’t happening, based on the population numbers.

People need to stop making up ‘Alpha abuse’ issues, which clearly have little economic impact on the game (except a small one in the area of overproduction of minerals), and focus on the parts of EVE that have been broken for going on 10 years now, and that CCP pretends will just somehow get better on their own.