Alseep Miners

About the corp:
WE are a High sec Corp.
We recruit anyone whos willing to join

We Offer a wide array of activities, all of which are up-to the player if they wish to participate in or not.

The list is as follows:
-High sec Mining with Orca support.
-Wormhole, Low-Sec and Null-Sec PvP.
-Small gang Wormhole, Low-Sec and Null-Sec PvP roams.
-PI guidance in high sec and Wormhole space.
-Exploration Data/relic sites, and help with DEDs,
-A friendly and very team orientated corp.

  • CEO and Director run corp,

Requirements to join are:

1: A willingness to be trained in basic PvP/industry(Whatever you agree with the corp)

2: If the need arises, you MUST help with Home Defense.

3: People who are afraid of war decs, or will jump corp as soon as one is declared are not welcome here.

4: We are a team…everyone helps everyone out if n when its needed whenever possible.We enjoy a good laugh in corp chat n on our Discord server…But rascism of any kind is not allowed or accepted.You must make effort to be apart of the team in actions aswell as words(participate in corp chat and on Discord.)

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