Alt Corp looking for ISK-making alliance or other corp


I have created this character (and a couple of PI alts) to make money for my PvP main. I am currently doing PI in high sec and the occasional mission, but high sec PI is basically a waste of time, as all of you know already and I do now. I am looking for an alliance that I can join where I can make ISK together with others. I am also okay with moving my alts (currently three, may become five soon) into another corp.

Like I said, this is an alt corp, so my time investment will always favor my main. Still, I have reasonable PvP skill on this char, can scan wormhole chains and fly a Tengu. I’m definitely okay with doing the occasional defense fleets and a mining op here and there, but my focus will be on PI.

I think moving into a WH would be pretty nice, but I am open for everything as long as it is time efficient than high sec PI (which is a low bar to pass, I think XD).

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Greetings, we are a caldari hisec corp that live in a system with 2 lowsec dead ends, perfect to pi and wh incursions . If you interested repply here or send me a mail.

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