Alt transfer

(Nunosh) #1

So I’m in the middle of some organizing my alts and I want to transfer one of my toons to this account and close the other account.

My question is: after paying the transfer the alt will arrive to this account with items, isk and with the plex that he have on the vault?

(Rowdy Ronny) #2

Yes. That is correct. Make sure at least 1/3 character solots are available to transfer the toon too.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #3

Wait… Not sure about plex in the vault. That is shared across the account. It may stay with the account.

If it does, make an alpha alt on that account and tranafer the plez through a private contact.

(Nunosh) #4

Thanks, I think I’ll do it before I ask the transfer

(Fadeling) #5

myself try to get all the nuPlex in one character, more simpler.

(Rowdy Ronny) #6

Yes, you can just put the Plex from the vault into your hangar before transfer. Then put it back in your vault!

(Cade Windstalker) #7

You could also just move the PLEX out of the vault and into a station, in which case it should transfer like any other item.

(system) #8

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