Removing PLEX from the vault

So I’m not technically a new player but I’ve been out of the game awhile. Back in the day I had physical plex with various characters on various accounts. Now I have an oddball amount of plex in plex vaults of various accounts.

Is there a way to pull plex out of the “vault” to make it an item so I can pass it to another player? Yes I know it is riskier to do so.

The issue is I have for example 440 plex on one account, and 200 plex on another. Neither has enough to add game time so I’d prefer to have it all on one account so I can plex the main one I’m playing on these days.

You can drag PLEX from the vault and drop it into the characters item hanger.

You can also put the PLEX back into the vault and fly somewhere else with it safe and sound.

So you could fly your characters to Jita (for example) unload their PLEX into the hangar and contract the PLEX to your main so they collect all the PLEX in one character. You can then put it into the vault and it will be safe.

No need to fly with PLEX in your cargo hold any more - unless you enjoy the ‘special’ thrill of old fashioned PLEX tanking. :laughing:

you can also just “deliver to” your main without the hassle of creating contracts.

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Thank you. That’s very interesting to learn.

Yeah… It is very seldom now to see kills with plex in them (I do not remember the last time I actually saw a kill on skill with plex. Now it is mostly kills with skill injectors. :slight_smile:

Old plex gangs is a history now.
Just what’s a point in dragging plex out of vault?

Well for me I came back from an extended break. Back in the day I was running 5 accounts, however for now I’m not playing as much that I need, or want to try and plex all 5. At least until I am back to the income generation I used to have. However I had various amounts of plex on all 5 accounts that i wanted to consolidate to my main active account.

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