Plex trade between my 2 accounts issue?

Hello, Reactivated my 2 accounts after a few years and noticed they had a bunch of plex. So I traded all the plex of one character to the other main of the other account. That way only one would need to sell. It’s been 2+ hours and the character has still not received the plex (I’ve logged out and back in). Should I just wait a day or more for it to processes or open a support ticket?

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I’m really confused, did you trade with contracts, or like a trade window? That’s instant.

If you use the direct trade, it always drops the item (even plex) into the main “item hangar”. You then have to move it into the plex vault on the new character manually.

At least that’s how I remember it working when the plex vault was first added and I moved plex around.

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That was it :smiley: Thanks, all good now.

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