ALTEA is recruiting!

About us?

We are a small but active Corp focused mostly on mining, industry and research. But we also enjoy some casual small scale pvp with our alliance mates.

What we have to offer?

  • regular mining fleets with orca boosts
  • buyback programms for ores, ice, salvage and exploration materials
  • buyout programm for minerals if needed for your own manufacturing
  • sharing profits from corp-level manufacturing based on participation in buyback programms
  • semi-democratically run corp
  • living in high as well as null security space under “not red - don’t” shoot policy
  • skillbooks, ships and advice for new players
  • small scale pvp within our alliance
  • alliancewide discord server for comms
  • no mandatory CTAs

What we are looking for?

  • miners, industrialists, explorers, researchers and planetary colonists, who are not afraid of taking a fight
  • new players, interested in industrial activities and living in NullSec
  • old and returning players looking for a relaxed enviroment to enjoy their game

When are we active?

  • Our corp as well as our alliance is mostly active on EU-TZ but we also accept US-TZ players.

Contact Swantje Haginen via eve mail if you are interested to join.

Recruitment is still open!

You are looking to do profits? Join ALTEA; we continue recruiting!