Alternative to Citadel Dropboxes

The question is — do we actually need dropboxes? Maybe just make an exclusive, one-time “multipass” to the citadel for any courier that have a contract to that citadel. If the citadel is closed — courier enters, the package is taken away from him and contract is finished, 20 seconds later he is pushed out into cold universe with gankers waiting for him. No services, of course.

Or just remove the whole mechanic entirely, it was a solution to a “problem” that did not need to be changed.

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Yeah, it did. If courier made up to the station, that means he did his part of the contract. If gates are closed, it’s a problem of issuer, not deliverer. And deliverer should not pay collateral just because he physically can’t Statham through game mechanics. (Yet he still should Statham through ganks, of that I have no doubt)

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I strongly disagree. I have better things to do than to sift through courier contracts every day to filter out the tons of bad apples in order to see the few good ones. Every day until this feature was introduced I spent anything from 30 minutes to over an hour just to look through contracts to see if a new Siegfried Cohenberg alt corp popped up.

Unless you mean “remove citadels entirely from EVE, it was a solution to a “problem” that did not need to be changed”, in that case I would strongly agree with you. No one needed citadels, they are a waste of space and time.

Wait, so that feature is in game now? I can’t find update notes…

Has been in EVE for a while now.

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why the hell do you just want to add extra needless load screens?

Well, I didn’t know that this feature is actually good. Though you still can be waited at point zero.

What, once more but cohesive this time.

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