Am I a joke to you? - mining missions

Do mining missions get better. I am playing after a 13 year return. I took a mining mission and I don’t remember exact figures but the reward was something like 40,000 isk with 40,000 bonus. I didn’t get to keep the ore and it was sold for 40,000,000 by the mining agent. I did my own mining and made a lot more than 80,000 isk.
Are they worthwhile later on or are you just better off mining yourself?

Mining missions are ancient content… I’m pretty sure prices don’t match any more. But at least you receive loyalty points, and some standing. So just “calculate” how much this is worth for your career. If it’s just for ISK, I presume plain mining and selling is better.

Depends on what you think is “worthwhile”.

Yes, you are the laughing stock of the mining community. If you want true profits, go to Nullsec.

Mining mission ore is worthless. The only reason to do mining missions is for new players that like mining to start getting a little bit of standing and ISK. L4 mining missions aren’t horrible, but they also don’t pay anything near what an L4 combat mission does. Mining missions also require near-zero effort. You get what you put into it. If you want higher paying missions, don’t do mining. There are a very few examples of where you have to do an L1 mining mission to get your foot in the door with certain corps, but not many…

OK many thanks.

Mining missions require little effort and are perfect for raising your corp standing while dual. boxing. You do them instead of combat missions when you just really don’t want to pay that much attention.

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Distribution missions are even better: faster turnaround on missions (due to them being fast to start with AND you can run several at once) = more standings gain & mission rewards, and more frequent storyline missions for faction buffs.

Check out the USIA Distribution Mission Grinding Guide and Distribution Mission fitting guide for cheap industrials to run multiple distribution missions concurrently- a fantastic way to quickly raise corp and faction standings with most hi-sec corporations.


Gevlon wrote a blog on getting rich doing mining missions several years ago. The missions haven’t changed since then so it probably still works.


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