Amarr and Khanid holdings attacked in chemical and viral bombing incidents

2018-10-11 20:10
By Lina Ambre

Amarr – Amarr security forces have reportedly thwarted a terrorist chemical attack on a noble estate along the coast of the Jad-Gheinok region of Oris in the Amarr system, today. In a possibly related incident, the Scope has also learned that a viral weapon strike was carried out on a Khanid Royal Uhlans cloning facility located in Ves-Sefris region on Zirsem V, yesterday.

Local correspondents on the planet Oris (Amarr VIII), report that a “laser rifle and mortar attack” was attempted on the Varaz family estates, a noble house holding that occupies a significant coastal area of the Jad-Gheinok region of the Amarr system’s second most important planet. Oris is largely the domain of the Emperor Family itself, with its land divided up as “direct Imperial fiefs” under Amarr law.

The Amarr Certified News feed briefly noted the incident, reporting that: “Security forces on the Imperial planet of Oris thwarted a minor terrorist attack.” One of our local sources, familiar with House Varaz, gave the Scope more details in confidence: “Terrorists attempted some kind of chemical mortar attack on Lady Varaz’s stables but the horses had been brought in from the paddocks. There were troops waiting for the terrorists and they were all killed. I heard that a couple of hounds were lost though. Got a whiff of something and went mad. They had to be put down.”

Unconfirmed reports from the Emperor Family station in orbit of Oris detail the deployment of troop contingents to the surface of the planet. The Scope has been provided with telemetry showing transports from both the Order of St. Tetrimon and the paramilitary Red and Silver Hand corporation in transit to the surface only hours before the attack took place. Neither organization has commented. The Scope understands that Lady Shirin Varaz and her large family are currently away from the estate on an extended tour of pilgrimage around the Amarr Empire’s holy sites.

Todays’s attack on Oris followed a viral weapons strike carried out on Zirsem V, in the Khanid Kingdom. Reporting from the Ves-Sefris region of the planet is restricted due to a security lockdown but the Scope has established that yesterday’s assault on a Khanid military cloning facility succeeded in contaminating a large number of clone banks and genetic material stocks.

In the demesne of the Sa-Barony of Ves-Sefris, the 19th Royal Uhlans cloning facility is understood to have included a clone of their commanding Colonel General, Sa-Baron Alar Chakaid, in its storage banks, together with a genetic repository of the regiment’s horse stocks. While the viral strike appears to have succeeded in its goal, it is reported that at least one squad of attacking commandos was killed, with their bodies in the hands of Khanid forces.

When contacted for comment today, Sa-Baron Chakaid issued the following statement:

"Minmatar terrorists attacked a facility containing surplus genetic materials and clone banks held in readiness for the use of the 19th Royal Uhlans. Regrettably, and no doubt with the help of traitors, they succeeded. We were able to eliminate some of these rebel filth, however, and their corpses will be put on display, reminding all of the threat from these scum and their treacherous allies.

"Naturally, our brothers in other realms of the Amarr Empire were alerted to this threat. It would seem that these insane terrorists harbor hatred of our innocent animals, as well as our good True Amarr and Khanid nobility. I am very glad that House Varaz avoided tragedy due to our warnings.

“Now the task must be to root out the corruption within Empire and Kingdom. The incident in Rens recently was clearly a case of the terrorists accidently killing themselves with their own vile weapons. If Ammatar elements were involved, as may be the case, then we must take severe action. House Ardishapur’s grossly lenient handling of the Ammatar since the treachery 10 years ago must be corrected, and the lesser races removed from positions where they can damage the glory and destiny of Amarr.”

Meanwhile, the confirmed death toll from the Rens Brutor Tribe Treasury chemical weapons attack stands at 23, with another dozen or so individuals still missing.

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So like maybe move this to galnet??

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The reason why I’m posting it here is because I’ve grown aware of the fact that most people don’t look into the Fiction/Lore part of the forums … or reddit. We can’t ask people to check everywhere for everything, and as they’re missing out, posting it here as well seems to be the reasonable thing to do.

Besides … we can also not ask people to post strictly inCharacter if, for example, some news is only being posted in the IGS. Though I admit I’m wondering if I should just keep everything in one thread and update the OP every day. Might cause some problems with potential discussions, though.

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This isn’t the LARPING forum, for more furries and self loathing backstories go to right forum section.

This is the navel staring autist forum.

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I don’t care what kind of forum you think it is. It is “General Discussions”, many people have no idea about the World News and just because many of them can not have any actual discussions at all, doesn’t mean this shouldn’t be here. You could, you know, discuss what this might be about !

Just like people could have discussed the World News about “Echelon Entertainment”, which is the in-game-mirror of CCP! There were World News foreshadowing the sale of CCP to PA! Most people have no idea about that, because they never talk about it around here !

Just think about the insanity behind what you’re saying. There aren’t any actually good discussions on this forum. 99% is just haters hating on things, and people asking questions. More topics where people could actually discuss things about the game, and in the game, are a good thing and not a bad thing.

As long as ■■■■ dominates this sub forum, it will always be ■■■■.


calm down, the Lore section of the forum is there for posts like this. General Discussion means general talk about the GAMEPLAY not lore. if you’re upset that not everyone reads about the lore dont go shoving it in our faces because it will only make people more reluctant to look at it.

*checks your posting history*


Great story.

There is a fiction part of the forums where you should have posted this.

If only miners and haulers would post over their CODE adventures like that…

All these wannabe “real PvPers” are the ones who should actually go there.

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This and the piece about bombings on Amarr and Khanid horse stables(?) might be building up a lore introduction to Nova. Even if the games won’t mix, Nova might be the part bleongign to CONCORD’s AEGIS unit, the security forces going against terrorists and all the other pieces.

In a way I wish Nova is a good game. I could use a FPS MOBA, and if it’s based on EVE universe, made by CCP, and it’s a good game on its own, then better than better. Haven’t played a FPS MOBA since Planetside 2 went down the drain…

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Remember when game news used to be part of the login screen? Pepperidge Farm remembers.


What happened to PS2? Haven’t played in a year.

Thank you for posting, btw! No sarcasm!

I don’t even remember. All I remember is epic login screens they killed for stupid reasons.

Well to be specific it wasn’t the actual login screen but the ye olde character selection screen. I think the char-select news got canned with the in-game browser? Possibly earlier. Main point is, the game world news used to be there along with game related news. And I’ve heard plenty of people lament their disappearance, it was nice to have some flavour right there when you started the game.

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ISD can you move this to the appropriate Forum section please.

Well I haven’t played PS2 for years, since it became a unplayable laggy aimbotfest. Maybe was 3 years ago or more, I don’t remember even installing PS2 on my new computer.

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Looking at your history I see why you are there!

PS2 is doing fine atm.

Start of this year there was a massive update that most ppl rage about but that’s nothing more than “they nerfed the thing I liked to do, because it was overpowered as hell”. There’s very few actual hacks or aimbots going on.

People who have “performance issues” are mostly playing on a potato with 17 overlays and maxed out settings. Also it’s an “omg I’m not getting my 140 fps” thing which is fairly hilarious.


Sad part is now, even if they put it into the launcher, people would just ignore it. I think that’s just sad. There’s information about both in game and out of game happenings in the world news and shoving it into the people’s faces shouldbe considered a good thing.

I seriously don’t remember it being visible anywhere back then, though. Been too long…

I always play at reduced resolution. i think yiole’s thoughts are valid, you can’t just generalise all children’s complaints onto the few dozen adults left playing…

… uuuhhhh …


Anyhow, i should check in again some time and this is too off topic. let’s talk about NOVA and why baseliners are getting killed for it!