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Urgent news from Homroon, as Blood Raider attacks Holder family

Late afternoon on the 9th, a small Blood Raider squadron entered the upper atmosphere of Neda V, while a larger fleet main fleet started to bombard key targets on Neda III. Following reports of landing parties making planetfall on both planets, distress calls have been broadcast throughout the Khanid Kingdom but, given Neda’s remote location, no responses have yet been sent at the time of writing.

News of this attack comes three weeks after the capsuleer Maira Sorn Blackfire and her former warclone sister Azlina Sorn Blackfire were taken into custody by the matriarch of the Sorn family, Corellia Sorn, during a personal visit to Khanid Prime. The tension between the two sisters and the Sorn family ignited earlier this year after Lady Corellia Sorn condemned both as Sani Sabik. This allegation followed an attack on Sorn family holdings on Khanid Prime in which the sisters appear to have been involved but able to evade capture due to CONCORD regulation of infomorphs.

There have been further reports of heavy ground fighting on Neda III, as Blood Raiders’ blood harvesters met heavy resistance. A combined force of House Sorn and LUMEN personnel clashed with the harvesters head-on in order to protect the slave workers on House Sorn’s agricultural plantations. While heavy outgunned, House Sorn and LUMEN forces have the advantage of an entrenched position and local slaves have also reportedly taken up arms against the invading Blood Raiders.

Reports form Neda V, seem to indicate a smaller but more highly trained group of Blood Raider forces landing closer to the capital of the planet, Anahita, where LUMEN special forces are currently protecting the city’s population. News from the Holder family itself has gone dark after the Raiders’ initial first strike saw orbital bombardment hitting the Sorn estate grounds. Although satellite scans show the estate has sustained heavy damage, personal guards appear to be keeping the Blood Raiders at a distance, for now.

Khanid Public News Network tried to reach out to local Royal Khanid Navy stationed in the Youledian Constellation, KPNN only managed to get one comment from a Captain Andre of the Silver Lance.

“They knew the risks of settling that close to Delve, it takes time and resources. Resources that are hard to come by. Our priorities are simply elsewhere at this time. A small fleet is being scrambled as quickly as possible but may not, despite our best efforts, be ready to respond before it is already too late.”

In other news, the corporation and business Sorn Interstellar industries owned by Capsuleer Maira Sorn Blackfire, have been spotted near the border of the Kingdom, but due to ship cloaking they whereabouts is currently unknown.


Khanid Public News Network
Sad news from Homroon, as lord and lady missing

Battle still rages on Neda III as of two days ago a fleet of Blood Raiders attack the farming colony of Holder family House Sorn. Reports of local traffic have died down, as Blood raiders have taken to fortify they foothold on the systems gates network.

Shattered reports from Neda V indicates that LUMEN and House Sorn is slowly pushing back the Blood Raiders, as the fighting been pushed out of the capital of Anahita, and back to the spaceports outside the city borders. With the Blood Raiders still holding the ports blocking in- and outcoming traffic.

News of the Lord and Lady Sorn is unknown, but satellite scans show defensive combat formations having broken, as Blood raider forces have moved to encircle the Sorn Estate. KPNN managed to trace a single distress call from the Sorn estate before radio silence.

“Lord Sorn fatally wounded, whereabouts of the Matriarch Corellia Sorn unknown. Lady Azlina Sorn Blackfire holding ground forces, unknown enemy between Blooders. requesting aid.”


Khanid Public News Network
Khanid Kingdom Deploys Troops to Neda System to "Quell Uprisings and Piratical Opportunists

Earlier this afternoon the Royal Khanid Navy entered Neda and opened fire on the Blood Raider fleet that had laid siege to Neda III and Neda V. After a heated battle, the remaining Blood Raiders fled orbit, although there were reports of a Loki class strategic cruiser spotted outrunning RKN forces to the planetary surface. The cruiser’s markings were not of any empire navy and used covert ops cloaking devices to avoid targeting long enough to rendezvous with an unmarked shuttle leaving from the peninsula where the Sorn Estate is located.

Reports from Neda III had been grim as the revolting slave camps saw orbital bombardment, followed by the 8th and 19th Royal Uhlans making landfall with the order to “Restore Order by Any Means Necessary.” As of the current time, fighting is still ongoing on Neda III, especially in the planetary capital of Avesta, although the worst seems to have died down for the moment.

Neda V still has pockets of Blood Raiders stuck between slaves and the combined forces of the Sorn guards, while House Avarr (a Tash-Murkon holder family) forces, which had been seconded to LUMEN to serve as boots on the ground, withdrew to provide aid to the wounded and make space for the 8th and 19th Royal Uhlans forces. These LUMEN forces promised to complete their withdrawal from Neda within the next 36 hours, and hand over control to the Military Governor and other local authorities. The planetary capital, Anahita has been freed from Blood Raiders as well as the Sorn Estate. However, reports of battle are still occurring between guerilla forces, Khanid ground troops and shattered Blood Raiders in the cities of both Nagari and Rigveda. News of 19th Royal Uhlans forces being transferred to the city of Rigveda, given it is the planet’s second-largest trade hub.

Sad news from the Sorn estate with the confirmation of Lord Torvols Sorn’s death After that news broke, the 8th and 19th Royal Uhlans regrouped with Holder forces at the ruined estate grounds. The Lady Corellia Sorn is still among the missing, but rescue attempts are still ongoing as most of the underground passageways collapsed during Blood Raider’s initial strikes. Lady Azlina Sorn Blackfire currently controls and organizes the Sorn forces, her sister Maira Sorn Blackfire been observed to lead rescue and medical teams on site.

Offworld transport shuttles have been busy all evening shipping off wounded for the Khanid Transport Storage station in Zephan, as medical centres and hospitals on Neda III and Neda V is already at capacity. Along with shuttles, many civilians are fleeing the planets for fear of Neda turning into a new Kahah. As this week is the anniversary of the blood bath that marked the slave revolt of Thebeka, that was ignited by a slave rebellion caused by the Blood Raider chemical Death Glow.

When asked to comment by PKNN, Directrix Lunarisse Daphiti of Khimi Harar stated:
“We were pleased to assist on short notice at the request of one of our Khanid noble members with respect to a threat to their family’s Holding. I commend, Lord Avarr, a Tash-Murkon noble, for tasking most of the forces dedicated to slowing the initial Blood Raider assaults. At this point, with the Khanid authorities now mobilized and in force, we yield.”


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Medical wards overflowing as total number of wounded raises

Small update from Neda V, as rumours of a coordinated attack on the Holder family’s life, has begun to spread as Royal Khanid Navy forces been looking into the attack.

comment from one of the 9th Royal Uhlans officers
“The attack seemed almost to coordinated to have been just another slave abduction those crazy blood cultists tend to think themselves brave enough to undertake. Someone must have been pulling the strings from the shadows.”

Fighting is still ongoing in small pockets of Rigveda and Nagari, but been reduced to small skirmishes by the 8th and 19th Royal Uhlans

In other news, LUMEN forces have completely withdrawn from the system as RKN have taken control of the fighting. LUMEN ships held severe wounded on board that all were transported to medical wards around Homroon. Capsuleer Maira Sorn Blackfire was among the people transported off the planet, Sorn holding reasoning was clear that a woman in her state of pregnancy had no place on a battlefield.

Khanid Public News Network
Return of Matriarch’s sister, sparks discussions, as she assumes the role of family Matriarch.

Good news as 9th Royal Uhlans trooped returned from a raid on the last Blood raider encampment inside Rigveda, news of the rescue of Lady Asat Hanomaa Sorn. Lady Asat was thought dead after her shuttle was destroyed on her trip back to Neda V 3 months ago, reports from the medical wing operating and aiding the wounded out of Anahita confirmed this news. Although injured and wheelchair-bound, Lady Asat Hanomaa Sorn has assumed the role of family Matriarch and vowed to work strenuously with the Sardar Admiral Mirza Ul-Chakaid in quilling the slave rebellion.

Further investigation into the supposedly coordinated attack has born fruits as the interrogation of captured Blood Raiders has revealed information about deals with rogue warclone assassins. RKN seeks additional information to further investigation, as talks of CONCORD Red troops has been deemed as pointless unto further research into the true nature of the attack

In other news, Sardar Admiral Mirza Ul-Chakaid’s 8th and 19th Royal Uhlans confirm that Neda V is free of blood cultist, but Neda III still has many Blood Raiders hunkered down in underground tunnels or buildings. reposts also speak of both Neda III, and Neda V suffering from slave guerilla fighters attacking convoys for vital medical and food supplies, intended for the people of Kingdom.

Khanid Public News Network
Sansha forces repelled as quiet settles over Neda, help from outside arrives as daughter returns.

During the last weeks unrest in the entire Homroon constellation have finally been halted as Royal Khanid Navy been battling the Sanshan incursion forces, that had ravaged the constellation. Luckily the Sardar Admiral Mirza Ul-Chakaid had already mobilised the 8th and 19th Royal Uhlans to combat the Blood Raider unrest on Neda III and Neda V, stopping the Sansha forces from gaining a solid foothold In the system.

Although the threat of the Sansha invaders been repelled, Blood Raiders previously having gone into hiding have now sieged the opportunity to leave they hiding places and returned to cause instability on Neda III.


In other news, the residents of the planetary capital of Neda V, Anahita. Woke up to a strange sight this morning as a pilgrim class stealth cruiser lid a cyno in the planets orbit, where moments later a Nyx class super-carrier jumped into system. Planetary defence stations already on high alert from the Sansha incursion managed to get of a few hits before going silent. On lookers reports of transport ships leaving the Nyx before departing for the city’s landing platforms, all carrying medicine, food and other supplies for both the inhabitants of Neda v as well as for the battling 8th and 19th Royal Uhlans.

Further investigations shows the Nyx class super-carrier S-II Serpents Calling, belongs to Capsuleer and Sorn family member Maira Sorn Blackfire, the same one that was sent away two weeks ago due to the planets hostile situation


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