Secret Blood Raider Society in Khanid! Infiltration! Depravity and Desecration!

NANDEZA, KHANID – As Triglavians rampage across New Eden as part of a new form of invasions, combat against the more traditional enemies of the big four empires has presented to them a period of relaxation for them to re-populate their numbers. One of these notorious pirate rings, the Blood Raider Covenant, has been using this period to infiltrate areas of Amarrian and Khanid space that have seen less activity as of late. This development could potentially be due to the destruction that the capsuleer bloc, The Imperium, has wrought against the Blood Raiders across their home region of Delve, but intriguing descriptions of just what the Sani Sabik has been doing has caught the attention of the few that dwell among the low security areas of the Kingdom.

“We’re spread thin out here as it is,” Royal Khanid Navy Corporal Ania Eshwil told Gutter Press. “Our garrison here in Nandeza has the responsibility of not only tracking Blood Raider cells throughout the constellation, but now also working with EDENCOM in fortifying Khanid against possible Triglavian assaults. I’m sure they are growing in number; it’d be hard for them not to out here.”

One such cell of Sani Sabik activity has been noted on the planet of Dimoohan V, where it is reported that entire colonies of Blood Raiders have established themselves on the planet.

“I’ve seen them!” said a merchant on the Nandeza garrison who requested that his identity remained anonymous. “They’ve made the rivers on the planet run red with blood! Unspeakable horrors and godless atrocities happen there so much, that God Himself must have doomed the planet.”

On confronting Cpl. Eshwil about the rumors, she chose not to entertain the idea. “There is a Blood Raider presence on the planet, yes. All of these fantastical stories are certainly not true, however, and I’m sure that God has not doomed the planet, or any planet in the Kingdom. However, I still suggest that anyone, including yourself, who may think about investigating Dimoohan V stay away, for your own sake.”

While capsuleers that are affiliated with the Sani Sabik tend to be elegant and regal in their appearances, the suggestion of a savage splinter cult infesting Khanid planets has indeed piqued the interest of Gutter Press. As no disclaimer can stop a good story, Gutter Press, by way of this intrepid reporter, will give you the scoop on just what goes on in these secluded and hidden Blood Raider cults! Have the planet’s rivers run red with blood? Is savage ritualistic torture the norm on this planet? Find out, after our infiltration program has concluded!

Gutter Press! Going where no one thought to go, and where no one cares to go, because we care for you!


Oh good.

Something to purge.

Even if the rumors prove to be unfounded, it’s Khanid space.

Something to purge.

Strange tales indeed , even the planet name has something foreboding about it Dimoohan V .

When you hear such tales they seem to have a pull on you , like you are being beckoned and lured down to the planet , which one must try and resist .

Why has no one heard stories of this place before? Is it perhaps because what happens on Dimoohan V is so depraved, that its secrets must be hidden from the universe?

No wonder the frontier out in Khanid is so desolate.

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Pssst. They’ve infiltrated King Khanid, too.

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I’ll purge him too then. Don’t thank me.

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These are all lies intended to besmirch the reputation of the Khanid Kingdom, King Khanid, and of course, the King’s plenipotentiary representative, Lord Alar Chakaid. The real heart of the Blood Raider menace, as Lord Chakaid has told us, is found in the Ammatar and Minmatar Blood Beasts.

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Which explains their Amarrian trappings, influence and long history before the Amarr came across the Minmitar people I suppose…

I don’t really care. He’s harboring them in his kingdom which to me makes him as culpable as the Republic government protecting Angel interest in the heath.

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