AMARR FW Needs You. AU / EU / US Alliance looking for members


About Us

Red Sky Morning have been formed about 12 years now, formed in Amarr FW. Since then the corp has been to nullsec and back. Most of the original members left to various nullsec corps and alliances, and the corp was mothballed for a few years.

We came back to FW in December 2019 and the original memberbase returned to help us reestablish in the warzone, and since rejoining have been instrumental in returning control of the Faction War to Amarrian Forces.

R.S.M Killboard

We are now looking to add to our pilot roster with skilled subcap and cap pilots to strengthen the Amarrian forces.

What we can offer

  • PvP Centric Corporation

  • Active, Social Corporation

  • Mumble and Discord comms / channels

  • Safe staging for ships

  • Abundance of small, medium and large scale fights

  • Plenty of Plex Ships ( Frigs / Destroyers)


  • 5 Million SP Limit

  • Willingness to train doctrine fleet comps

  • Capital Alt a bonus

  • Ability to follow Primaries and not broadcast for bomb damage.

  • GSOH / Give as good as you get

Contact Us

Join Red Sky Morning Public to talk to a recruiter, or contact CDLoon

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